Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Just Another Day

So today is my birthday. I am 37 years old. It is also rent day which doesn’t seem fair. It is pretty nice to be having a nice healthy birthday this year, though. I had a family dinner on Sunday where my mom made a fabulous British Roast Beast Dinner. I am vegetarian but I love the Yorkshire pudding and gravy part. Mmmmmm. Everybody else gets the meat part. I am not a huge celebrator of birthdays so today will be spent at a doc appointment and then probably some sushi for dinner at my parent’s place again. The best gift of all is that America’s Next Top Model is on tonight. We get to find out what all the old contestants are up to. Next Wednesday the new season begins. I can’t wait.


lawbrat said...

Happy Birthday!!

Hope you have a much better time today than dealing the a stolen bank card.

lawbrat said...

stolen bank number and pin, not card...sorry.

Precisiongirl said...

I have the usual dinner without the meat on most Sundays. Yorkshires filled with gravy are the yummiest.

Happy birthday!... again.

Do you still eat fish even though you're vegetarian?

True_Halcyon said...

Happy Birthday to you!

happyandblue2 said...

Happy Birthday.
Isn't sushi made from fish. What kind of vegetarian would eat fish, tee,hee..

hemlock said...

Happy Birthday Kranki...Yorkshire pudding and all.

I so want to watch America's Next Top Model, but I'm pretty sure we don't get it. :(

Udge said...

Happy healthy birthday, and many more! Tell your landlord (landperson in these days of something-or-other), perhaps you'll get a month free?

I found that the best part of being 37 was being able to say "I'm not old, I'm 37" at every conceivable opportunity.

Julio Cesar said...

Congrats on your twenty-seventeen birthday! (yup, stolen from a movie!) ;)

I hope the ones who stole your PIN and card number get caught or at least be punished somehow...

Enjoy your birthday!

ScottyGee said...

Happy Birthday! May you acquire a giant frontal presence this year!

Squirl said...

Happy Birthday! Glad everything turned out for the best with your bank card, but crap, that sucks!

Even though it's not Friday, I think you should crush Yoshi's head to celebrate your birthday.

Random And Odd said...

Happy Birthday Von Kranki!

east village idiot said...

Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday DEAR KRANKI!!!
Happy Birtdhay to YOU!!!!

love, Easty

I wish you a year full of wonderful surprises!

p.s. according to astrology - yesterday was a super stinky day for pisces. Trust me - you were not alone.

p.p.s. please get a credit check done with at least two credit check bureaus. In the U.S. there are three big ones - but I'm not sure about canada. More than anything you want to avoid identity theft - and you want to make sure that didn't happen. Last year someone stole my wallet and used my atm card too - but I was more worried about them opening up new credit cards with my name!

Sharkey said...

Happy, happy birthday! Here's to a year of good health!

eclectic said...

Happy Healthy Birthday, Kranki! Here's to many, many, many more!!! :::clink::: I'm so glad this birthday looks out on a future free of cancer; I hope it also includes all the laughter and love you can stand!

SassyFemme said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more!!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, you sushi-eating vegetarian you! (Sushi is the best. I think that's when I really knew I should read your blog all the time -- when you kept talking about eating sushi.)

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Have wonderful day with sushi, and Next Top Model, and Yoshi.
Give her a hug for me, mmkay?

Closet Metro said...

Happy Birthday Kranki!!

Time for your spanking. ;)

snaps79 said...

Happy Birthday! I'd love to spank you, but you're not in my time zone. :)

whfropera said...

joyeux anniversaire!!
Froh Gerburtstag
Buon Compleanno

mrtl said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kranki!

kalki said...

Happy Birthday, Krankster!! I'm celebrating your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday hunny! MWAH! Here's to many, MANY more!

abcd said...

Happy Birthday Kranki-hope you have
a great birthday year. We sure hope
you had CAKE.

Nikki and all the sister's

Ern said...

Happy Birthday!

And ANTM starts next week!? SO. FREAKING. EXCITED! I wondered how I was going to fill my depraved reality TV need with the Bachelor over this week and Project Runway over next week. Woo-hoo! Three cheers for scrawny lesbians!

Amanda B. said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

JessicaRabbit said...

Happy happy spank day!! I cant think of a better way to celebrate then sushi. Sushi is universal to all holidays and celebrations.

Hmm maybe I should celebrate it being Thursday.....

Happy birthday baby!!!!

spoonleg said...

Happy Birthday Stacey-poo! Lots of love, sushi and chocolate wishes to you! Here's to another 37+ years of a happy, healthy life. I know you're saying GOOD RIDDANCE to 36 and welcoming in 37... it's going to be a better year for you, I know it!

alan said...

So sorry I missed the chance to say Happy Birthday on the actual day, please forgive me and know that I hope it was as wonderful as you are and that you have a hundred or so more to look forward to!


Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I'm up for celebrating your birthday, even if I am a day late and two dollars short.

I therefore have an excuse to fill my face with sushi and wine.

Oh, alright, so you didn't say anything about wine. What, I'm supposed to eat my sushi dry?

Happy belated birthday! Just remember how things could have worked out with that iguana.

Leigh-Ann said...

Hey, happy birthday to you! I liked being 37, as it seemed like a lucky number, so I hope it works out well for you. Any birthday which involves a Mom who makes Yorkshire pudding can't be too bad!

Twisteduterus said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!

Jeannette said...

Happy, happy Birthday! What better way to celebrate than cancer free with sprouting new breasts!

I hope your day was special!

Von Krankipantzen said...

LAWBRAT-today was a MUCH better day. Thanks.

PRECISIONGIRL-I do eat some fish if it is sushi. Only sushi. Thanks for the birthday wishes.


HAPPYANDBLUE2-a very hypocritical vegetarian.

LEAFGIRL77-that is a shame. ANTM is a great bitchy gossip fest.

UDGE-I'll try to get out of rent by sweet talking my landlord. Keep your fingers crosed.

JULIO CESAR-thanks. 27 sounds pretty good to me.

SCOTTYGEE-working on that big time.

SQUIRL-lots of crushing was had by all.

RANDOM AND ODD-thanks so much.

EASTY-I had wondered why I was so grumpy that day. Makes sense. And thanks for the safety suggestion.

SHARKEY-thanks so much. I hope it is a healthy year too.

ECLECTIC-cheers! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

SASSYFEMME-thanks very much!

KAREN-I know! Not a very good vegetarian, am I?

MOMENTARILY DISTRACTED-I gave her lots of hugs from you.

CLOSET METRO-ooooh. Don't tease!

SNAPS79-I'll consider your comment a cyber spank.

OPERA GAL-merci beaucoup!

MRTL-thanks so much!

KALKI-that is so sweet. Thanks.

TRACI-I hope so too. Thanks.

NIKKI AND THE SISTERS-I had a cupcake which was delicious. And cheesecake too.

ERN-LOVE ANTM!!! It is exciting!

AMANDA B-thanks, you!

JESSICARABBIT-thanks. Sushi is the perfect way to ccelebrate.

SPOONIE POO-you are so right. Good riddance to 36. A year older and a year better.

ALAN-thanks so much. You are so sweet.

BUCKY-if I didn't actually mention the wine I sure thought about it loudly. Thanks for picking up the vibe.

LEIGH-ANN-the Yorkshire pudding was so huge and yummy. And I had special veggie gravy too. Amazing.

TWISTED-thank you!!!!!

JEANNETTE-I do have a nice set of birthday boobies. Thanks.

LadyBug said...

Oh, pooh, I missed it!

Well, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, dear Kranki.

Dima said...

Ok, I'm terrible and two days late, but better late than never, right? Happy Belated Birthday. Maybe the next 37 years be joyous and happy and full of love and health!
Lots of wuv! Dima :)

WILLIAM said...

Happy belated birthday

Amy said...

Happy Belated, Kranki! Hey, we are the same age.

Pixie LaRouge said...

Happy Birfday! (sorry I'm late; it's been a wee bit crazy around here)

May the next year pass in a big rush of joy and contentment. May all the years that follow just rock :)

Jeans said...

Happy & cancer free birthday, that's so exciting!!

I LOVE Top Model. IT started out as a guilty pleasure, and now I'm out of the closet with it.