Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, March 13, 2006

New Do

Well, I got all girlie today and had my hair cut and coloured. My hairstylist friend said that my hair had grown out beautifully on its own and not much needed to be done. Good. We decided to put some slices of copper colour through the front and some slightly lighter brown on the back. I took pics but they are terrible and you really can’t see much. She styled it all spiky which was cute but not really my thing. I am a sleeker and flat kind of gal. Anyway, here it is both ways. You can’t see the colour but I will try to get a good shot of that in the sunshine. Whenever that rare occurrence comes again. It was just nice to get out and do something fun and frivolous. I had a good time gossiping and reading fashion mags.

Not bad for a Monday.

Here it is spiky.

I like sleek. So does Yoshi


Closet Metro said...


Sharkey said...

I like sleek overall, but I like the little flippy wisps in the back of the first pic. Either way, you're lookin' good!

Yoshi looking over your shoulder is sweet. And the hoots are lookin' good too!

hemlock said...

Great pics. Can't wait to see the colour.

I like the spikey 'windblown' look, but that's just me. The sleek look is more refined though.

Yoshi is way too cute.

snaps79 said...

I love it either way! I style my hair based on mood - somedays it's sleek, somedays it's inspired by electrocution. Whatever floats your boat.

Dima said...

Looks great! I think it looks superb spiked too. A new do always makes things fun!

ScottyGee said...

Looks good! That hair is coming back just fine. Like it both styles too. Sleek a little better though.

Check out my site for Dory sporting the shirt you sent her. She's rockin' it. =)

Ern said...

You are rockin' the short hair! Love it! And that does sound like a good way to ease into the week. :)

mrtl said...

You're lovely, girlfriend!

alan said...

Love the cut whichever way you wear it; it's wonderful to see you! You look great! It's almost like you are ready to smile because you know you look good...go ahead and let the sun shine!


katietoyboy said...

well, I think you look ms fine thang in both photos but if yoshi twisted my arm for a preference, I might go for SPIKED.

Have a good day

whfropera said...

yeah, i gotta go with the spiky crowd.
mob mentality, y'know ...

Precisiongirl said...

Love it!!

Glad to hear you had fun day at the hairdressers.

Short hair is so cool, because you can do so much to it - sleek, sophisticated Kranki, or rebellious, devil may care Kranki.

It's all good.

kalki said...

You're trying to steal my cute haircut with highlights claim to fame aren't you?

You look fabulous!!

Jeans said...

nice hair! The cut suits you!


Lasadh said...

Hooray for new a new 'do! Can't wiat to see the color (do I have to type "colour" since this is a Canadian site?).

The nice thing about it being a short style, is that you can wear it however you like. Perhaps you should consider doing one side with the spikes and one side sleek. Yeah, I think that's a winner. :-)

Hi Yoshi! Can Yoshi wear spikes?

LadyBug said...

You look great in both pics, but - just my personal opinion, here - I think you look younger with the "spiky" 'do.

But it's great that you can, you know, go both ways.

God, I'm so immature. *snork*

MrsDoF said...

Hiya Yoshi! My Oscar is staring intently at the screen.

If I were a waitress, I'd have to ask for an ID when you order wine. The spikey hair does make you look nicely younger.

word veri: khzzlt Did somebody sneeze?

kerri said...

I concur with the general consensus: The cut looks great on you, both spikey and sleek! :)

Karen said...

Hmm, I'm feeling like I need to see more photos. (That whole self-portrait-in-the-mirror thing is so hard to do, isn't it?)

Right now, I'm liking the spiky look, but I think it's more to do with the angle of the photo. I'm also thinking of some interesting compromises, like take that sleek look and mess up the bangs a bit.

But anyway, I just have to say, you look great in short hair no matter how you wear it.

lawbrat said...

You look positively beautiful!

I like the spiky also.

LadyBugs comment cracked me up! She is such a hoot!

hehe, I said hoot.


Jeannette said...

Nothing makes a girl feel more "normal" than a trip to the salon. What a great look. I think I am on my fourth or fifth new style in the last 15 months. It is great to have options and try new styles out as your hair grows.

As always, you look mahhhhhvelous!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you that you went to the hair salon. Nothing says I love myself today like a trip to the stylist. Do you still have the same one as always?

It looks great. You look slimmer, too.

Mrs. B

kassi said...

I like sleek as well. I think that you and Yoshi look nice together :)

Von Krankipantzen said...

CLOSET METRO-gee, thanks. *blush*

SHARKEY-Yoshi is never far away. Especially when I am up to something like taking pics. She is such a little stalker.

LEAFGIRL77-sorry about the poor pics. The colour is ok. I prefered the natural colour more but I had to do something about the grey.

SNAPS79-it will be fun to experiment with it.

DIMA-thanks! I'll have to get my hairspray out of storage. It has been a while.

SCOTTYGEE-I think I prefer the sleek too a little bit more. I am so glad Dory's oufit worked out well. She is so cute.

ERN-it was a really good day. Fun to gossip again.


ALAN-thanks so much. I forgot to smile with wrastling with the camera.

KATIETOYBOY-Yoshi just might twist your arm. She does mine all the time.

OPERAGAL-I think I have to play with it a bit more. Get the feel of it.

PRECISIONGIRL-your cute haircut photos inspired me to get it done. That and the fear of possibly having a mullet.

KALKI-I could never take away your cute haircut with highlights fame. You are the Hairdo Goddess.

JEANS-thanks for that. I am always so worried.

SHERRI-Yoshi occassionally gets a little mowhawk when she sleeps with her paws over her head. It is seriously cute.

LADYBUG-I am very versatile! ;-)

MRSDOF-that is muchly appreciated since I just turned 37. It has been a while since I was ID'd.

KERRI-thanks. I will try to rock it both ways.

KAREN-yeah, the photos suck. That is the bad thing about being single. Nobody to take your photo when you need it.

LAWBRAT-I say hoot all the time. I love that word. So old fashioned.

JEANNETTE-you are so right. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with growing it out.

MRS. B-well, I have lost a little weight. And yes, it is the same stylist I have had for about 18 years.

KASSI-thanks. Isn't it funny how she is peeking over my shoulder? Yoshi cracks me up all the time.

spoonleg said...

THAT IS SO HOT! I absolutely loooooooove it! The spikey is my fave, because i'm a fan of the messy bed-head look. but you're totally workin' the sleek 'do, too! you have an incredible hairstylist, it looks fab! and my oh my your hair has grown FAST!

eclectic said...

***wolf whistle***

That's a seriously great style, either way! Being a red-head, I'm partial to the copper tones and can't wait to see the sunlight bring yours out!!

Yoshi is a camera ham... but as beautiful as she is it's a good thing. Scritch her ears for me, please?

Amanda B. said...

Your face is beautimous, all glowy like. I like sleek too, but it looks good both ways. Rock sista.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

You and Yoshi should totally go for matching hairstyles. And sleek would be good for both of you, I think.

Squirl said...

I think I speak for most of us when I say we wanna see Yoshi mohawk.

But, they're right when they say you can use either look. Maybe depending on your outfit or what you're planning to do that day.

Bill said...

You are beautifully alive! Breathtaking.

The World rejoices for you.

JP said...

Sweet "Do" Kranki!! Nice that you didn't get the chemo-perm effect!!! Kudos!!!

SassyFemme said...

You look fabulous!!!!

Twisteduterus said...

looking, lookin GREAT!

Madame D said...

It's so cute!
And, oddly enough, looks almost exactly like my hair...color, too.
I like messy, but then, I don't own a comb.

Yay, hair!

JessicaRabbit said...

You look great lady, very very great.

And careful, someone looks like they are sneaking up on your head.

Michele in Michigan said...

Looks great!

It made me crazy when my hair was growing in. In addition to the color change (it came in much darker), my stylist had to cut it differently every single time because I would end up with strange texture changes. Looked like I had a cowlick in different places that she needed to work around LOL

Nessa said...

look at you, hot stuff!!!! I wish you were coming - you look fabulous!

It's Me, Maven... said...

Great for the Spring:)