Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spreading The Blove

I need you all to take a short trip over to ScottyGee's place and see what he is up to. He supported an old girlfriend through her cancer treatment a while back and has sure been sweet to me while I was feeling pretty rough. Now his mom is doing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and totally kicking ass all the way through it. This guy does not shy away from the scary 'cancer' word.

ScottyGee is joining a team at The Relay For Life to benefit The America Cancer Society raising money to find a cure for this crappy disease. Go and read his blog and support him if you can. Every little bit helps.


Twisteduterus said...

you bet!

Squirl said...

Heading over there.

ScottyGee said...

Thanks Kranki! I am glad your minions will be descending upon me.

This is actually my third or fourth year doing this and it's always a good time and we raise a lot of money. Last year bloggers totally came through for me and donated mad cash. It's awesome that so many bloggers have such good hearts. Thanks for pimping me out.

I don't shy away from the "cancer" word, but I'd be glad to never hear it again! It always seems to hit the good people too. Why is that?

Like I said on my site, you are a total inspiration. So strong...

Thanks again. Put some Madonna cones on Yoshi for me.

Hänni said...

I second the Madonna cones.

Thanks for pimping my PA (Mr. Gee). I tried to donate organic raisins, but apparently they only accept credit cards...

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Will there be a St. Paddy's Day crushin' o' the green?

Closet Metro said...

I did my duty.

ScottyGee said...

Metro - I am glad you made a #2. Good job. =)

Spike said...

hey Kranki,

way to go, kicking cancer's ass. I had a wee wrestling match with it myself and spent 6 months hanging with the folks who probably treated you, at the BCCA.

Cancer totally sucks.
Some of the people you meet along the way end up being amazing.
Some of the people you knew all along prove to me amazing.
I am glad you are having what sounds like a pretty positive adventure, which seems a strange thing to say about a round of cancer and cancer treatments.
What I mean is, I am glad it went well for you.

Keep kickin'.