Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Branches and Boobies

This weekend was a very mellow one at my house. I tried desperately to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early this year by erecting and decorating my new black fake tree. I spray-painted it. Is that weird? I call it the Tree of Seasonal Angst.

Yoshi even got into the groove and helped me by decorating the tree with one of her toys. Not one of the fancy expensive toys I bought her but the ribbon from a chocolate box that she loves and carries around with her everywhere. What a typical kid.

Once again I bite my own self in the butt. I was feeling all smug as my booby skin has been very good despite four weeks of radiation. I was thinking that I was a young gal with sexy elastic skin due to the fact that I am pasty and stay out of the sun. I thought I wouldn’t have any issues at all with the radiation. Well, this weekend everything changed. Very suddenly things are quite crispy. My skin is red and patchy and very sore. Certain “bits” are peeling and burnt. I am a little grossed out. According to the radiotherapist my skin is actually doing quite well as many ladies have open sores at this point. I am not that bad but I am feeling it now. Tonight I showed my mom my chesticle and she freaked a lot. I guess I didn’t realise how gruesome it actually was.

No, I am going to spare you a photo of my cinderous breast. Don’t even ask.

Just keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t fall off before I am finished with my treatment. I have 6 sessions to go.


Sharkey said...

The Tree of Seasonal Angst--I love it.

Sorry about your crispy boob. Are you putting Aquaphor or anything on it? There's some other stuff too, but I can't remember the name right now--email me if you want to know it and I'll dig it out.

Hang in there--you can do it!

Dima said...

Crispy boobie - go away!

Cute tree by the way. I'm almost inspired to put up mine. I need to get in that Christmas mood!

JessicaRabbit said...

Oh baby I am sorry bout the boobie, are you allowed any good cream or anything to rub on it?

And Yoshi looks very festive. The best toys are the free ones you know...

katietoyboy said...

but a crispy boobie will be a healthy boobie - right?? Brings new meaning to the name Cinderella!! (sorry that's feeble)
Glad you feel able to share this with us.

Hope you find something that will give you relief from this.

Mind yerself

Twisteduterus said...

Wish there was a spray for that.."cripsy boob-be-gone"

dang, your cat doecroates...sheesh my dogs only not how to undecorate...with their tails. nothing brakable is hung on the bottom third of the tree.

6 more, you can do it

jee said...

Did your MDs tell you about PURE aloe gel (absolutely NO additives)? I bought mine at the HMO pharmacy. It really helped. Another woman bought aloe vera from the drug store. The additives (fragrance, etc.) caused a huge open sore...

In some odd way, I think the radiation was more taxing than the chemo. My thoughts are with you.

circe said...

You can do it sweetie, just 6 more! I love your term for it...'chesticle'. AHAHAH

((big hugs without hurting you))

Divine Calm said...

I love your tree of angst. HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR CINDEROUS CHEST.

happyandblue2 said...

Your tree does look very angstyish.
Sorry your chest hurts. You could try Preparation H on it. It reduces swelling apparently..

eclectic said...

Oh Kranki! This process must be so relentless, physically and emotionally.

Sending good thoughts and healthy skin wishes.

Udge said...

Giving you a waist-level, upper-bodies-wide-apart hug.

Nessa said...

praying for your crispy boobie and I LOVE your tree!!!!

Squirl said...

Oh no, not a crispy boob. Oh honey, I hope the last six treatments don't do much more damage.

But, I love the tree. Yoshi decorating makes it even better. :-)

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I know it seems trite, but I am so impressed with your good spirit and good humour through are to be admired.

I thought of you the other night (no kidding.) I was getting an elderly lady off to bed at my clinical, at the long term care facility, the other night and she had double mastectomies a few years ago.

Hang in there, crispy critterette.

kalki said...

Tree of Seasonal Angst! Thanks, I needed that. :)

And cinderous breast or not, there is nothing gruesome about you. You are fabulous through and through.

Ern said...

The "tree of seasonal angst" nearly made me spit wine all over my laptop. Shame on you, VonK!

Von Krankipantzen said...

sharkey-I am putting special Keri lotion on it as well as salt water compresses. That is what the doc suggested. But if you found something that worked really well for you them I would love to hear about it.

dma-I usually put up my tree the last minute but I always take it down within a day or two after Christmas so I thought I'd like to have it aroudn more this year. You should go for it too.

jess-thanks so much. I can put creams on the boobie 3x a day but it isn't helping much.

katietoyboy-Cinderella! That's good. It will be a healthy boobie so that is the good part.

twisted u-That is so cute. Doggie tales whipping off tree decorations.

jee-I see my doc tomorrow and will ask about the aloe gel. Thanks.

circe-I only wish I was the originator of 'chesticle' but alas I heard it somewhere else. Thanks for the hugs.

divine calm-thanks so much. From me and my tree.

happyandblue2-prep h? Hmmmm... But the last thing a lady wants is a reduction in swelling of the chestal area. See what I mean?

eclectic-you sure got that right. It feels like it will never end. Thanks for the good vibes.

udge-that is so sweet. Thanks.

nessa-thanks for the prayers. You are too kind.

squirl-she honestly put it on there all by herself. It was so cute. Now I only have 5 more to go. I think it'll be ok.

milliner's dream-thanks for having me in your thoughts. I can't say that I am upbeat everyday but I am just doing my best.

kalki-aw, thanks. That is so kind.

ern-god! I hope no wine was wasted!

spoonleg said...

I love your tree, krank! You naughty girl, huffing the spray paint...

Also, I want to volunteer my services to rub cream on your tata's 3x per day. I am a trained professional, afterall. You should look into the aquaphor cream that someone else mentioned, if it's ok'd by your doc. It really is a miracle healer and works wonder for dried, burned, chapped, flaky skin. It is quite soothing, too. I seem to remember that they don't carry it in Canada, so let me know if you want me to stick some in the mail to ya! I have a package coming your way soon anyway.

Lastly, yoshi is SO ADORABLE. Did she really put that thing on the tree? That is so freaking cute. Oscar's favorite toys are also not toys that I bought him. Last year for Christmas I bought my brother this Lambchop puppet as a joke, and oscar found it in the closet, dragged it out, and started attacking it mercilessly. To this day, it's his favorite toy. He won't let go of it! He drags it around the house with him everywhere. It's about the same size as he is.

hemlock said...

Nice Tree.

And how thoughtful of Yoshi to help you out with the decorating.

Isn't it funny how they choose something ordinary to play with rather than the expensive toys? Our one cat Manny plays with a shoelace, rather than his lovely catnip filled mice.

Kassi said...

prayers for less crispy boobs, and that they do not fall off.

love to you

mrtl said...

I'm loving your tree!

Sorry about your crispy boobies. Open sores? Gah! Six sessions = six days, right?