Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Peeps

Today is my Momma’s birthday. She turns 72. Now I know she is going to be pretty pissed about me telling you all her age but I think she should be bragging about it as she looks pretty damned fine for 72. Don’t you think so? Happy Birthday Mom Poo!

As well as it being my Mom’s birthday it is also my parent’s anniversary. My mom cleverly got married on her birthday so my dad would never forget their anniversary. At least that is what I accuse her of doing. So today they have been married 48 years. Yet another thing to be proud of. Happy Anniversary you whippersnappers.

I also want to blog some good wishes to my very good friend Pablo who had surgery yesterday. It was his very first surgical experience and he was very nervous. I have had a few surgeries so I was giving him the low down on what to expect. I mentioned to him that with all the codeine painkillers he might have to take it was possible that he could get constipated. I mean what are friends for but to warn about stuff like that. So I told him he could get stool softeners. He was horrified and didn’t believe that such things existed. I assured him I was not bullshitting him in any way and that he would really benefit having something like that on hand just in case. He asked me where he could get some. I told him from any drug store. Again he was disbelieving that such a thing had been offered in pharmacies without his knowledge. He asked me what they were called. I said, “STOOL SOFTENERS, FREAKY!” He said, “No no! I mean in French.” You see, Pablo lives in Montreal. Why he would ask me, the Anglophile who knows no French, is beyond me. However trying to be helpful I replied, “Kaka Mush Mush.” Said with a French accent, of course.


Ern said...


And your mom looks amazing for 72! Wow. You got good genes, chica!

Leigh-Ann said...

We have a friend who is a hospice nurse, and the first word out of her mouth anytime anyone is sick and on heavy meds is "Colace!" That's the big brand name down here, but of course there are generic "stool softeners" in every grocery store. One day Pablo will thank you for your most excellent advice :)

Oh, and your Mom looks great! My sister got married on her birthday, too... don't know if it was accidental or intentional.

spoonleg said...

Kaka Mush Mush is the actual name, kranki, didn't you know? Just ask your local pharmacist for some Kaka Mush Mush and they'll hook you up! Go Pablo! Here's to a speedy recovery and NO constipation!

Your mom poo is so gorgeous, kranki! I mean really and truly, she does NOT look as if she is 72! She should totally be proud of her hotness and be flaunting around the fact that, "yeah, I'm 72, and I STILL GOT IT GOIN' ON!" I know I would, if I looked that good!

spoonleg said...

PS- does yoshi like grandma, or is she just being "tolerant" for the sake of the birthday girl? They look like two best friends there, and I see no hints of wanting to claw the eyes out by yosh. That is a really great picture!

snaps79 said...

Your mom is SOOO cute! 72? NO WAY.

hemlock said...

WOW. 72? She looks amazing. I would have said 60.

Nessa said...

your mama is HOT! tell her I said so and your papa isn't so bad either, but not in a creepy way :)

pablo, the french boy with kaka mush mush ain't so bad either!

and you're hot too, but you already knew that!

Candace said...

Happy birthday Kranki's mom! Happy anniversary Kranki's mom and dad!

I love that your tree is black, and I love that you said "kaka mush mush".

LadyBug said...

Your mom looks FANTASTIC. She should definitely be bragging.

Happy Birthday Kranki's Mom!


Happy Anniversary Kranki's Mom and Dad!

happyandblue2 said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. And Happy Anniversary to your parents.
Your Mom is cute. I like the picture of her holding you. You look catlike and much smaller and furrier than I imagined. Are you really short or is she just a giant..

I don’t get stool softeners. They say to take them with a meal but who wants to be pouring or pushing things in their butt when they are out with their friends. It’s messy and it puts people off their meal..

Dima said...

Happy birthday to your mama, who SO DOES NOT look 72. Both your parents look wonderful and well younger than their ages. Happy Anniversary to them.

And KaKa Mush Mush is my new favorite phrase! I will make sure I use it whenever possible, because there just isn't anything funnier than that!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

You will now be my official English-to-French translator. Not since Steve Martin taught me Spanish with "Donde esta casa de pepe?" have I felt such an intense desire to pick up a new language.

Yer maw looks great! And her + Yoshi in the same frame? Incendiary.

My verification word is: hbustmo
Bust Mo'? I'll take mo' bust, if somebody's givin' it out.

Kassi said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! She does look wonderful and happy!

Kaka mush mush is the best phrase ever.

kalki said...

Ain't NO WAY the woman in that photo is 72!!

You've written such wonderful stuff about your mom that I almost feel like I know her - it is nice to see a photo.

pablo said...

there I was in the pharmacy and suddenly, I looked up on the shelf and there it was....kaka mush were right. I avoided the need and everything is going well....thanks

mrtl said...

Happy Birthday, Kranki Momma, and Happy Poopies to Pablo!

Squirl said...

Your mom looks great! Appears to be in really good health, too. Yoshi looks a bit confused, though.

I'm glad Pablo found his Kaka mush mush.

whfropera said...

almost as good as monket butter!
Moms + cats rule!

whfropera said...

um, monkey butter.

Magical_M said...

I hope I look as good as your mum when I'm 72.

Jeez, I'd like to look that good now!

And what a smart move on her part to get married on her birthday... must tuck that one away for future reference.

Sharkey said...

Happy birthday to the Mom Poo, and happy anniversary to both parents!

Yes, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short. It's the story of my life.

Misfit Hausfrau said...

Kaka Mush mush--BRILLIANT!

east village idiot said...

Your mom is pretty. She has cool shaped eyes. And you're right. The lady looks much younger than 72. But 72 is a pretty good number.

eclectic said...

Holy Batman! My mom is 73, and I'll tell you right now that they look more like 10-15 years apart. WOWZA! Glad there's good stuff going on today. :::hug:::

Dawn said...

kaka mush mush-LOL freakin hilarious, woulda paid to hear u say it in the french accent. hope your friend is doing well and on his way to recovery. happy b-day to your mom and happy anniversary to the rents.

Von Krankipantzen said...

ern-I can only hope I look as hott as she does at that age.

leigh-ann-I think after surgery you are better safe than sorry. Or constipated. Pablo seems to be just fine though.

spoonleg-Pablo is doing just fine and the rents are out for dinner tonight to celebrate. And Yoshi LOVES grandma. And that is what my mom likes to be called by the cat too.

HDL-yes way! I am not kidding!

leafgirl77-and that woman can out energize me any day.

nessa-I can totally cope with the concept that my dad is good looking. Doesn't gross me out. Pablo is a total media whore and is loving all the attention he is getting from this.

misfit-and I am loving the loving...

ladybug-thanks. My mom has seen all these comments and thanks you too.

happyandblue2-and I have a few very cute collars too.

dima-don't forget the french accent!

bucky-the Kranki french language will open your eyes to nuances in life you never noticed before...seriously!

kassi-Momma loves the kitty and is always happy to be cuddling her.

kalki-I ain't jiving yo ass!

pablo-so glad you are feeling good and poopified!

mrtl-fun was had by all!

squirl-Yoshi is a little freaked about being on her back like that. She is a bit of a control freak.

whfropera-MONKEY BUTTER!?!?! Dear GOD!

magical_m-no kidding, huh? Mom is really active and has more energy than me.

sharkey-Hell! I didn't post the thing until really late. It is all my fault.

misfit HF-I honestly didn't plan it to be funny. It just slipped out.

easty-her eyes are a family trait. I have a few cousins who have them too.

eclectic-lots of celebrating is going on as I type.

blogaholic-Pablo is doing fine. We spent an hour on the phone last night. No kaka mush mush was needed!

Amanda B. said...

Your mother is obviously lying to you about her age. She can't be over 50. I refuse to accept it.

I hope everything turns out beautifully for Pablo!

Becky said...

Yeah, what everyone else said. Your mom is totally hot. I would have guessed she was 60, and a REALLY young looking 60 at that. Damn! How old is your dad? He looks fine too!

I just can't believe it. Wow.

Von Krankipantzen said...

amanda b-I assure you she is over 50 and over 60 and even over 70. What is also cool is that I am now exactly half her age and therefor the same age as she was when I was born.

becky-actually my dad also looks great for his age. He is 75.