Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Waving The ROCK ON Hand Signal Out The Window

I have been running around today to no less than three separate doctor’s appointments in no less than three different locations. After being cocooned at home for so many months it is not only interesting to wear “outside” clothes again but also exhausting to actually maintain a schedule. While none of you would be the slightest bit phased by accomplishing these tasks, bathed, dressed and on time, I am feeling rather fluffy chicken from the effort.

The good news is that while driving like a maniac (my usual driving style, having nothing to do with my rushed day) to my doctor’s appointments I had the tunes cranked to eleven and was rocking-out as only a seated person can. Vehemently but under control. Eyes front and centre. You see I have not had a working stereo in my car since I practically bought it 2 ½ years ago. It had a crappy cassette deck but I do not actually own any cassettes anymore so that was useless. The radio was fine until the thing died altogether within a couple weeks of purchase. Last Christmas in the Boxing Day sales I bought a fabulous CD/MP3 player after asking my little brother, otherwise known as Computer Merlin, if he would install it for me. He agreed. Then weeks started slipping by and the thing never got installed. I did not like to harass my brother about why he had not yet done the deed. You know guys who become progressively deaf the more they are nagged? He is of that ilk. Finally after several months I asked, “Are you gonna install it or not?!?!” and his answer was, “NOT!” He then tried to finagle out of the deal gracefully by telling filthy lies. Lies so heinous that angels cried in heaven. He said that he had not actually agreed to install the deck but had offered to EXPLAIN to me how I could do it. Now I certainly know I never would have agreed to this plan as the suggestion is akin to somebody explaining brain surgery to me so I can do it myself. ON MYSELF! Installing a car deck is totally out of my league. The ways I could screw it up are infinitesimal.

So ten months later after seeing that damned car stereo sitting by my door in its little box I decided to swallow my cheap ass pride and arrange to have it installed by professionals. I was pleasantly surprised to be told that it would cost me $49. Alrighty! 49 bucks!?! You mean I have been hesitating to get this done out of fiscal fear and it is only 49 bucks!?! What a weenie! The guy assured me that unless it was a fancy install job it was $49. Ok, let me just say that apparently ALL stereo install guys, hired professionals or amateur family members, are filthy liars because that nice tidy figure I was quoted doubled by the time I got my car out of the shop. The angels are pissed.

However, the few days of tune-age since this travesty have dulled my pain, as having music in my car is so worth it. I had forgotten how great it is to have theme songs for breaking the speed limit and running over pedestrians. I am soooo back.


Closet Metro said...

Rock on, Sistah!!

(Is "feeling rather fluffy chicken" akin to feeling "bracelety"?)

my word verification is "hzidhl," which I think is an urban shout out to Megan, but I could be wrong.

mrtl said...

After making him the salsa train, your brother wouldn't install your stereo? What a boogerhead.

Dima said...

If my brother did that, I would put the smack down, whether he said he would install it or not. What else are brothers good for?
But yay for having music! A definite necessity while driving!

ScottyGee said...

Too bad you are listening to Sha Na Na's Greatest Hits. =)

You'll have new music to crank from me soon!

JessicaRabbit said...

Ok really, my boyfriend got me a stereo for my car for xmas one year, and didnt get it put in til xmas the next year, again Mr. I can do it.

What is it with guys??

Ahh well, I have one now and thats all that matters because I can play the Beastie Boys if I find Darth Vadar in my backseat.

spoonleg said...

Brothers are so totally worthless! I had to laugh out loud at the filthy liar part, because that is SO MY BROTHER. He tries to lie himself out of EVERY SINGLE OBLIGATION EVER. Bastard.

Think of it this way, those install technician guys? They're somebody's brother, too. And they know no other way than that of the lying brother. Pity them.

Candace said...

"feeling rather fluffy chicken" has to be THE BEST descriptor I have EVER heard.

Kassi said...

I concur, what a boogerhead!

Tunes in car = essential.

happyandblue2 said...

Your brother sounds normal. You should be proud of him. He has reached the pinacle of uselessness that all men strive for. God is probably reading your rant about him and saying "Women, what's with them anyways!!"
Glad you finally got your music back though. I find that if you play it loud enough it muffles the screams of the pedestrians you run over. And it blocks out those annoying sirens the police use..

Hänni said...

My car and me, we have our own song.

It's slightly embarrasing, but the corolla likes it very much.

Every once a while, I put our cd in. It plays Kenny Roger's "Ruby", which happens to be the name of my car - the Ruby Roadster.

snaps79 said...

I've got 24" of pure pain, via subwoofer in my trunk, Kranki. You can rock out with your cock out in my Saturn ANY TIME you come to Minnesota. FEEL THE THUMP, MAMA.

Squirl said...

Kranki has tunes. Yay!!!!

kalki said...

Awesome post.

LadyBug said...

I'm so sorry the angels cried.

But YAY for you, for ROCKING ON!