Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, June 13, 2005


Today I have been wondering what to write about and I have decided to offer you all a potpourri of things that have been on my mind.

First of all it was actually sunny and warm so I got my ass over to my parent’s place and my mom and I went out for a walk. We went down to English Bay and walked around the Sea Wall until we got to Second Beach. We cut through the park there and walked around the golf course by Lost Lagoon until we got home again. It was a shortish walk but I was pooped. I guess my blood count levels are getting low so the fatigue is back again. Just really winded very quickly. I am not in the best shape anyway but usually I can walk for miles. The weather has been rainy for the last few days so the plants and trees were so lush and green. It was a very beautiful excursion and I am very lucky it is so close to home.

The second thing is that I read something in the paper today that really pissed me off. Recently a man from the US went missing up Grouse Mountain. Grouse is a local ski hill that offers wonderful hiking in the spring and summer months. You take a gondola up there and can hike all sorts of trails. Apparently this guy had hiked up there before and they caught him on camera getting off the gondola but at the end of the night they found his car in the parking lot and called in the search and rescue team. Our team is made up of volunteers and saves the asses of unprepared hikers several times a year. The hiker’s wife came up for the search and the whole thing was in the news every night as they just couldn’t find the guy and everybody was getting depressed about it. Finally somebody saw an eagle flying over an area and the next day when they searched it they found the guy’s body. He had fallen into the river and drowned. That is why they couldn’t find him. He had been swept so far away from the original hiking area. His wife was so kind and thankful to everybody who had some out to help in the search. Vancouverites are pretty friendly folk in general and it is not uncommon to hear about how supportive and helpful the whole volunteer search and rescue team is in times of crisis.

But then this poor woman who has been on the news so much lately was back in it again today. Some fuckhead stole all her dead husband’s belongings out of her rental car. This makes me so mad! You see, this is the side of Vancouver that I HATE. Because we are a port city we are also a hub for gang controlled drug smuggling. We have a MAJOR drug problem and as a result we have a huge property crime problem. Addicts steal shit to buy drugs. The police said on the news today that they get over 20,000 reports each year for theft from vehicles. That is disgusting. It makes me furious. You simply cannot ever leave anything in your car. Vancouver has so much going for it and yet this really ugly underside exists. This poor woman begged that the items be returned with no questions asked. The sad thing is that some drug addicted asshole probably threw most of it in a dumpster and got a couple bucks for a few items. She will never get it back as this dick probably doesn’t even remember doing it. I HATE IT that these parasites wreck it all for the rest of us. This poor woman will always remember that she was ripped off of the last belongings her husband used. It will always overshadow all the love and support she received while she was here.

Lastly, I am going to talk about feet. Briefly. Mrtl told me to. I am not a huge fan of feet. Feet have the ability to be so nasty. For most of my teenage years and twenties I didn’t wear sandals, as I hated exposing my feet to the world. I didn’t like seeing other peoples’ feet and so I didn’t think they wanted to see mine. That is until they started making pale blue nail polish. Somehow toes with pale blue nail polish were ok in my mind. Slowly and surely I got used to showing my feeties in public. Then I discovered deep red nail polish and it became difficult to get me to wear closed toes shoes. I had to have my blood red toes out there for everybody to see. I started comparing and realised that my feet were actually kinda nice. This winter my mom took me for my first pedicure. While I had become more accepting of my feet I still wasn’t too keen on having complete strangers poking around down there. I was finally convinced that they get paid good money to do it and if I was feeling so guilty about the whole thing I could just tip exorbitantly thereby erasing any guilt I may have. It worked. But the clincher was getting a little JEWEL put on each of my big toenails. It was like the angels started singing. I was so in love with my own feet. How cute is that? I cannot get manis or pedis now as my risk if infection is really high with chemo side effects but you know damned well as soon as this is all over I am so gonna get my fingers and toes bedazzled again. And yes, I will blog about it.


Candace said...

Oooooo, bedazzled piggy toes. I am so there.

blogaholic said...

Do you have ticklish feet? I've always wanted a pedicure, but I think I'd kick the person in the face- unintentionally of course. I wonder if a person with highly sensitive feet could get a pedicure? Any ideas?

jac said...

You will perfectly be at ease after a few days, walking is nice but not far and not alone. Blog and get well soon. The 'foot' is the talk of the town. Kudos ! to your refurbished jeweled toes.

jar said...

I did not realize that you could get a jewel put on your toes. Did they stay on as long as the pedicure lasted? I will be getting my first pedicure later this summer (gift certificate from student) after my foot heals (bone spur removed yesterday). After reading your blog I'm more excited about it - I don't have the worlds greatest looking feet but with jewels. . . Glad that you got to get out for a walk. Your area of the world sounds beautiful.

Susie said...

Illegal drug trafficking is responsible for so much pain. I want to say, "I'm sorry," that that happened, there. I makes humans look bad. Some of us really suck.

HOWEVER, you have given us all something else to look forward to. I am imagining your sparkling piggies posted right here. We will all surely celebrate :)

snaps79 said...

I'm addicted to mani's and pedi's. I like to get designs painted on my big toes. I'm getting a pedi this weekend, come hell or high water.

Squirl said...

I'm with Susie. I hate that people have to hurt other people because of their drug habits. I had my car vandalized once and stuff stolen twice and it just made me so angry. Can't fathom how upset that poor woman must have been.

We are all looking forward to the bejeweled piggy post. Please get well soon so we can see that one. :-)

Von Krankipantzen said...

misfit-bedazzled toes are extra special. I highly recommend them.

blogaholic-I have ticklish feet too but the pedi was totally doable. Go for it!

Jac-I am always careful and never walk alone in isolated places. I hope things will get easier and easier. Stay tunend for a late summer pedi post.

jar-a gift certificate, how nice. The jewels lasted for as long as the pedicure whcih last a very long time. they put clear polish over the gem. Glues it on GOOD!

susie-some of us really do suck. Do you get pedis at all?

hdl-I would love to get something painted. I am going to do that next time. Get something tropical. that will be pedi # 2 for me. I could get addicted too.

squirl-what a drag it has happened to you too. I have had to happen myself. It infruiates me! But a pedi will cheer me up. As soon as I can I will.