Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hi everybody. I am doing ok. Not too much nausea which is great but feeling quite tired. More so than usual. Sleeping lots. Apparently my blood counts were not quite up to snuff so they gave me a 75% dose this time. Felt fine after but fatigue is setting in now. The weather sucks as well, which doesn’t help much. I have way more energy when the sun is shining. Thanks for all the kind wishes. I promise I will post more in a day or two.


whfropera said...

i done fixed ya up right pretty there now - moosik fer everyone.
goofy today - everyone watch out.

L.Bo said...

Hey Sleeping Beauty! Glad to hear the nausea is not as bad. I wish I could change the weather, but the heavens have openend up here and the southern part of the province is flooding in a seriously bad way.

What do they do with the left over 25%? Do they increase your next dose to make up for it?

Looking forward to having you back when you are up to it. Love from the usual suspects.

Squirl said...

Hey, sweetie. Hope you're doing okay. Post when you're ready. We'll keep checking back. :-)

Sharkey said...

Glad to see your post--you've been on my mind. Sleep well--that's what rainy weather was made for.

mrtl said...

Hey half pint! Enjoy the cat days while you can. Sooner than not you're going to lose the luxury.

jac said...

I told will be fine and finer as days pass by. Welcome back.

Precisiongirl said...

Get well soon cat lady - blog land will be nicer when you're posting again..


laura said...

Get lots of rest and get those blood counts back up! Best bet is lots of feline therapy.

Von Krankipantzen said...

whfropera-new music up girlfriend! Chickabow!

lbo-no increase or chemo make up test later. If the counts are good then regular dose next time. If not then a wait or lowered dose.

squirl-hey, thanks squirl for being so patient with me.

sharkey-rainy days are for snoozing. And TV. ;-) Wish it was summer like at your house though.

mrtl-you are so right. I am going to look back on these snoozy days and miss them a little.

jac-you were so right! I'm Baaaaaccckkk!

precision girl-thanks! What a nice thing to say!

laura-Yoshi is taking very good care of me. She is driving the counts up whether they want to or not!

Susie said...

good to hear from you. rainy weather is for sleeping. we'll all still be here when you wake up :)

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

So, Kranki girl, would a picture of my assless chaps help or hurt the cause?

Feel better or, so help me, I'll send photos... ;)

L.Bo said...

Just checking in again. Hope the sun is shining there. Hugs and tea and potatos. Love you.

spoonleg said...

Sleep it up, girlfriend. Glad the nausea is not kicking your ass. I'd rather be tired than vomiting ANYDAY, as I'm sure you agree. Rock on, little mama.

Von Krankipantzen said...

Susie-I'm Baaack!

Bucky-pics of assless chaps are always welcome at this site. Thank you!

LBo-weather brightened up and I got a good nights sleep. Woo Hoo!

Spoonie-snoozing all day. Yoshi too. What a pair. The tum is still good.