Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sweet Stuff

I am once again overwhelmed by the kindness of blog people. I received two surprises in the mail this week from two very special people.

On Friday I got a very lovely gift-wrapped CD of Garbage- Bleed Like Me from Precisiongirl who is from the UK (said with a British accent). Thanks so much, Fellow Fan. Your thoughtfulness is muchly appreciated. Precisiongirl just got married and had a fabulous honeymoon in NYC. You can see photos here and here about that. She looked gorgeous in her dress! Check out her site.

Then today I was surprised with a package from Bucky Four Eyes! She sent be a very cool do-rag from my wish list. She suggested that I kick some ass with that there rag and I will do my best. Thanks so much Bucky! You rock! Pics of me wearing it are coming shortly. I know most of you know Bucky (some better than others-wink wink!! We are talking assless-chaps here.) but absolutely check out her blog here.

Blove you both!


L.Bo said...

Welcome back Miss Krankipantzen! The kindness and generosity of your blog friends continues to overwhelm me. I have lurked at all of their sites and what a fabulous, eclectic group of individuals they are. Blessings on all their heads, with or without assless-chaps!

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Good to see you back, Kranki!
Glad you got your 'do-rag. You are now officially the Baddest Bitch on the Blog Block. ;)

And just for you, I'll wear something under the chaps besides my pasty skin.

eclectic said...

Awwww... that's very nice of both of them....even Bucky. ;) So glad you're feeling a little stronger today, Kranki!

Closet Metro said...

Glad to see you're up and about again.

Cheers to Precisiongirl and Bucky for spreading smiles.

whfropera said...

you are totally deserving of gifties!!

Candace said...

Aw, how nice! Glad to hear you're feeling OK.

kalki said...

Ah, it's nice to see you up and about, love. Kemo Kitty is cute and all, but I miss you when she's around.

JessicaRabbit said...

Oh ho! I turn my back for two seconds and other bitches are trying to snatch up my woman. I see how it is. Its on now, I hope they bring it!

Glad your feeling better girlie girl, so glad this part is almost over and that so many people care about you, you deserve some spoiling.

katietoyboy said...

welcome back. Can I tell you that that photo of you on August 02 makes you look like you are late twenties. I kid you not, you are beaming out positive attitude. If you want to see some cool photos that my little brother took of your hood, to to

hope you are having a good rest.

east village idiot said...

Welcome back Kranki -

I wish we could all throw you a party after your last chemo visit! Hope you're feeling a bit better day by day.

love, Easty

Squirl said...

So glad to see you blogging again. Only one more chemo! That little kitty is cute, but if it means you're done then I won't miss her at all.

abcd said...

So very happy you are up and seem to be feeling well.

Good thoughts coming your way.


ScottyGee said...

Welcome back. One more to go! Woot!

So did you get those nekkid pics I sent to you? I can't afford these enwfangled "CD's", but I sure can send you the promo pics from my adult entertainment days in the 1970's. You should have received the promos for "Battlestar Asslactica" and "Star Whores". Let me know if you didn't. Hehehehe.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Jess - Oh, it's been BR-oughten.

Precisiongirl said...

Glad to hear that Shirley Manson has found her way safely to you..

Welcome back to blogville!


spoonleg said...

WAIT! Everyone is beating me! I have a package for you, too! Damn me and my laziness.

Ern said...

Isn't this a nice little community? Even the assless chaps wearing members are just softies at heart!

Von Krankipantzen said...

lbo-I am one lucky chick.

Bucky-you just wear your chaps however you want to. We can be badass together.

eclectic-aren't they sweet? thanks for your good wishes.

closet metro-I had a HUGE smile on my face.

whfropera-you are too sweet.

misfit-I am feeling great thanks.

kalki-that is so kind! Kemo Kitty will be put to pasture soon enough and then you won't be able to get rid of me.

jessicarabbit- you ar e good at spoiling folks. I see how you are with your neices.

katieboytoy-thanks for that copliment. How nice. I will absolutely check out your bro's photos.

easty-there will be a huge party at my blog after my last chemo.

squirl-I didn't think I would make it but only one to go.

scottiegee-you are a hoot! BrinG on the nekkid! And lots of it.

bucky-fight, fight fight fight!

precisiongirl-thanks again for being so sweet.

spoonie-you are one busy girl! No worries.

ern-you are so right. Big softies.

Von Krankipantzen said...

I knew I missed soembody. How rude of me. NIKKI! you are in my prayers. I hope you are hanging in there. I really appreciate that you visit my blog. You are too sweet.