Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, August 05, 2005


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For the past couple of days I have been fighting a bladder infection (TMI?) and have been put on some antibiotics that are making me feel quite vile. I am not sure what is worse, the infection or the cure. So that is why I haven’t posted. Please forgive. In the meantime here is a pic of Yoshi because she is so cute. Still not uber cute as she hurled all over my bedroom today. Damned beast. Now that is really too much information.


L.Bo said...

Hard to believe that any disgustingness could come from that sleek, beautiful creature. Get over the bladder infection soonest'kay?

Susie said...

Ah, bladder infection and cat puke. Ain't life messy? I hope you have a great weekend, the both of you.

Sharkey said...

Bladder infections suck. And so do animals horking in the bedroom. But she looks so sweet snoozing in the picture. Feel better soon!

mrtl said...

Ugh - Yeah, and I'm sure Smellie's breath is much nicer for it.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

SassyFemme said...

Yoshi is gorgeous. There's nothing like a siamese. I had a beautiful blue point, Sheba. She was an "apple head" though. She went to kitty heaven a couple of years ago, just a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday. Have you ever looked at the meezer web site? Meezer World Domination! LOL

Hope the meds. get the infection under control soon, and you're feeling better.

Squirl said...

Wow, I hope you're feeling better soon. Are the antibiotics bothering your stomach? I always make sure to eat plenty of yogurt when I take antibiotics as you need to replace the acidophilus that they kill. Okay, done with the assvice.

Yoshi is so beautiful. Thanks for posting this pic and not one of her hurling. :-)

Vanessa said...

Yoshi looks like she belongs on one of those Egyptian hierogylphics. (Have no idea if I came even close to spelling that correctly.) Anyway, Yoshi is gorgeous, that's all I was trying to say! Hope you're feeling better.

JessicaRabbit said...

Hmm I have a cat with a bladder infection and a dog how likes to puke.

Is everything just reversed up there in Canada or is it reversed down here?

Hope you feel lots better very soon and that lovely velvet face girl takes care of you and stops yakkin.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Is it pet vomit week in blogland? I'm afraid it'll be my turn next...

I'll think healing thoughts for your bladder. And if that ain't the most disturbing comment you've had lately, then I'm just not tryin' hard enough.

Von Krankipantzen said...

lbo-you'd be surprised at what foulness emits from that beast. Her kitten farts could clear a room. Her breath does that now. Bladder infection all gone but the antibiotics remain.

susie-it was pretty messy there for a day or two. Ew! I am feeling much better thanks.

sharkey-she could be used as a lethal weapon with her deceiving ways. I have all hardwood floors except for two tiny rugs and she always manages to puke on a rug. Why!?

mrtl-I won't even go there to find out if her breath is worse. It is just too dangerous.

sassyfemme-so you know the joy/insanity that is siamese. Yoshi is half applehead and half extreme. I had never heard of Meezers but I think it is cute. I will call her that now.

squirl-the antibiotics are making me very queasy, headachy and tired. And I am totally hooped as I cannot eat dairy while taking them. I will do the yogurt things after.

Vanessa-thanks! She is cute but a total hellion as well. That is why she gets away with it so much. The cuteness.

JessicaRabbit-I did think of you when all this happened. How very surreal and strange our parallel lives are.

Bucky-I sure hope you are not next. Thanks for those those healing thoughts. My bladder feels almost warmer now. Or do I just have to pee again?

SassyFemme said...

I should have given you the meezer web site! It's at: