Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Anotha Canca Update

Here is another update with all my recent appointments. First of all I start radiation therapy tomorrow. I have to admit I am a bit nervous even though I have been assured that this healing step is a walk in the park compared to chemo. My mom is coming with me for moral support, which will really help me from getting too nervous while I wait for my turn in the microwave.

I saw my plastic surgeon today and he is very nice. I was a little surprised as he is quite young and a little bit cute. I have never had cute docs before. My radiation doctor is a little bit cute too. Surrounded but a little bit cute men? Not too bad of a deal. Anyway, my surgery date is January 23rd 2006. This is for my mastectomy and the first step of reconstruction. I will have several steps to the reconstruction part and it is going to take me well into 2006 before it is all done. Fortunately once again I am in the hands of the best docs for my surgery. He was actually a little upset, as he would have liked to have started with my surgeries about a month ago, before my radiation started. But the Cancer Clinic did not get me referred to him until I was well finished with chemo instead of during it, which would have been perfect. So my end result will not be as good as it could be as radiated skin heals differently than pristine stuff. This is kinda upsetting to think about, as I would, of course, have preferred to have the best possible outcome. Anyway he and I have pledged to kick ass at the Cancer Clinic so this doesn’t happen to other mastectomy patients. And he says he is confident that I can still get a good set of hoots at the end of it all. Hoots is my word, not his.


Closet Metro said...

When you get your aftermarket upgraded hoots (so much better than the troublesome stock hoots you've been dealing with) I want to check 'em out, not by feeling you up (not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just trying to be respectful) but by taking you for a slow dance.

happyandblue2 said...

Are they going to give you Dolly Parton sized hoots. That would be cool, although probably heavy..

Hänni said...

Hurrah for kicking cancer's ass and getting new boobs in the interim.

Holy Schmidt said...

I have no words to describe what I'm feeling for you right now.

I pray for you all the time and can't wait to hang out with you.

Here's to new, happy boobs!

Dima said...

Yay, for new boobs. If you need boob donation, please let me know, I'd be more than happy to give you half of mine. But only if I get to share you cute doctor though :)

Amanda B. said...

I can't wait to see your shiny new boobs!

Wait...that didn't sound right.

ScottyGee said...

Sucks that the cancer clinic screwed up, but I am sure your melons will turn out ripe and ready for action! Good luck tomorrow. I'll have some words with our alien overlords tonight and ask that they treat you right and stop all anal probage until your hoots are all BA-ZOING'd out.

Ern said...

Good luck at radiation. Having someone cute to look at will aid your healing process, I'm certain!

Jeans said...

Cute men always show up when they're needed most, and apparently, judging from your active blog, friends do too :)

I hope that everything goes well with the surgeries, I have you bookmarked, so now I'll know how your 'hoots' turn out!


Von Krankipantzen said...

closet m-you are ON! And seriously sweet too.

happyandblue2-well I hope they can be bigger but not the size of my head.

hanni-I am doing my best and so are my toes to kick this cancer right out.

holy schmidt-thanks sooo much for those prayers. They are still needed and muchly appreciated.

dima-I will keep you on standby. You just never know when extra booby might come in handy. Thanks!

amanda b-I wonder if I will need to windex them...

scottygee-thanks for the luck. You keep those aliens at bay and I will wrap myself in tin foil for tomorrow's appointment. And clench my butt cheeks.

ern- some pretty never hurts!

jeans-thanks for comming by and I hope I'll see you again. Glad to add you to my posse of blog buddies.

spoonleg said...


Don't worry Kranki, your post-radiation hoots will look just purrrrfect. I can't wait to feel 'em up.

JessicaRabbit said...

I want to see the hoots.

DOnt tease me this way baby.


Precisiongirl said...

I just know everything will be great with your new bazookas.. how do I know? You're having the operation on my birthday. My mum says good things happen on the 23rd Jan.. x

Twisteduterus said...

Newbie poster, long time lurker

yea on the new and improved hoots..and double, no triple yea for kicking cancers big ol hairy ass. rock on.

that is all

Magical_M said...

You gotta love having cute doctors. Especially when they're going to give you cool new hoots.

Good luck with it all!

katietoyboy said...

a girl can never get too much cute! happy thoughts on their way to you for your nuking today. check with doc cutie if it is safe to use e45 cream (from chemist) on your scars later, it has loads of vitamin e and is excellent for reducing them (the scars NOT the hoots!)

fueltank said...

Oh hoots may have been your word but you know they were on his mind...

Mmmm, I make prettysexyhappy hoots for a living... what a world we live in!

I haven't yet sent of the box o' tunes, still kinda broke, and now that I am low-functioing employed (as in laid-off by our glorious government) I gotta wait until I get my last pay cheque.

Think I might have to write about that experience...

Hey, the blind date was great. A warm sunny day and she was such a bitch, honest. Not only was she rude to me, she wasn't very nice to anyone else. All any of us could do was drink a lot of beer and try to forget that we were still in high school... which was a pretty common occurance back then.

I don't know, maybe she liked high school....

And I was often doing things that most of my friends wouldn't do, because I didn't give a fuck. Or so I thought when I was 17.

Honestly, Krank, there was a time that you would have crossed the street to avoid me... actually, I remember you doing that.

Never mind...

O.A.R. Program Director*

*... not sure about this band, it's all end rhymes and jikka-jikka guitar...

Divine Calm said...

Good luck sweety!!!

Squirl said...

Thinking all good thoughts for you. Healthy new hoots coming soon to a chest near you.

Wow, that was really stupid, wasn't it?

laura said...

It would be kind of fun if Dr. Hoots would start to use the word hoots with his patients. I can picture him checking you out post-op and remarking "Nice hoots, Fraulien."

Good luck - I've marked my calendar and will be thinking of you, as usual.

Susie said...

Well, I forgot my comment and I can't see very well after Closet Metro's comment. I will SO contribute to the "Send Closet Metro and Kranki Out on the Town with the New Hoots" project.

My good friend tells me radiation wasn't bad, she got a little tired, but not as tired as some told her she would. She's much older than you. I know people with direct experience are telling you encouraging stories. I think your story will end up being the most encouraging of all.

whfropera said...

vK - how about I design/build the slinky new evening gown you're going to need for your waltz under the stars with CMetro?

Blove you

Listening to: The Swing Era - 1936-1948

Sharkey said...

You've probably already had the first zap. My prediction: You got off the table after it was over and thought, "That was it??"

It takes longer to get undressed and dressed than it takes to actually have the treatment.

Hooray for new hoots in the new year!

eclectic said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh!! I'll chip in, too! I can't wait till we have the official date for "Hoots Day", the international holiday celebrating Kranki's beautiful, healthy breasts!!! Maybe we can make "Happy Hoots Day" t-shirts with a graphic of flrtls on them, or something. Oh, Scotty Gee?

Von Krankipantzen said...

spoonleggie-I will have to organise a "Feel Up My New Hoots Festival" for y'all.

jess r-see above comment! You can be the festival's Grand Mistress.

precisiongirl-that is COOL! You can have a drink for me and I can have an IV for you on your birthday.

twisted u-I lurk on your site too. Thanks for commenting today!

magical m-It is a little disconcerting to have cute docs looking at the boobies. I am used to women and old men doing that.

katietoyboy-I actually just got some pamphlets about what creams I can be using on my scars. Apparently they recommend taping the insicion sites for a few weeks so they don't stretch and avoiding Vit E cream then as it will cause stretching. But once the scars have settled then the cream is ok. They sure have this down to a fine science.

fuel-so she DESERVED to have her car pissed on? Ok. I can understand that. Don't send me the CDs if the money is tight! I can send the postage myself. Tell me how much.

divine c-thanks!

squirl-actually nope! It made me laugh out loud.

laura-thanks! I am trying to remember if I called them hoots in front of him. If not then I will change that pretty quick.

susie-it was a very sweet comment Closet M left, wasn't it. I got a bit misty myself. The radiation was super easy. Nothing to worry about at all.

whfropera-you are on! That sounds awesome! Just let me lose this chemo weight I gained first!

sharkey-you are EXACTLY right. To the letter.

eclectic-I think some hoots tees should be in order. Proceeds going to Breast Cancer research. I will have to commision Scotty for sure. Good idea.

kalki said...

How you doin', dearie?

I'll admit I'm a little disappointed that the doctor didn't say hoots. Because seriously, how cool would that be?