Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Update

I would have loved to have posted over the weekend but Blogger had other ideas. Blogger was in the midst of a grand mal hissy and no amount of computer refreshing could change its mind. So today you are stuck with a Weekend Roundup:

1. The cat chased a moth around my apartment in the wee hours of Saturday causing mayhem. Knick-knacks flying off of shelves and lamps falling over kind of mayhem. This was a moth with a serious will to live as it fluttered into every nook and cranny opposed to immolating itself on a light bulb like normal moths do. Anyway, Asscat rampaged for a full three hours, which only further confused me (on top of the annoyance/rage). Why does she not have this kind of focus when I am trying to teach her to pick up my take-out sushi or give me a mani/pedi? Damn her and that selective ADD.

2. My mom and I are very close but we experienced a freakish mind meld this weekend that still gives me shivers. Out of the blue Saturday night I thought to myself, “Mmmmm. Pie! I would love some pie. Apple pie. Maybe next birthday I should request apple pie instead of cake. MMMmmm. Pie.” Then Sunday morning my mom called me and we were talking about our regular Sunday night dinner plans. Suddenly she said, “Guess what I made for you, special.” Immediately I yelled, “Apple PIE!” And I was right. My mommy read my mind and made me apple pie for Sunday’s dessert. Spooky!

3. It became very obvious this weekend that I have developed a very sudden and startling ‘Raisin Bran’ addiction. Can’t get enough of the cereal. I wake up in the morning and it is the first thing on my mind. I have a wee bowl right before bed too. LOVE IT! Any other cereal addictions out there? Should I expand my repertoire?

4. Bad news. My hair is falling out. All of a sudden. I don’t know why. I don’t know if this is normal. I have noticed that the hairs that are falling are not normal hairs. They are weird and inconsistent textured hairs, so I am hoping they are being forcibly pushed out by fabulous thick hairs that are not weird but perfect and strong. I will get the low-down from my doc at my Thursday appointment.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Well, the important stuff anyway.


spoonleg said...

Ah yoshi you bad, bad cat.

PS- send me some PIE. PIIIIIIIIIE! YUMM.

Squirl said...

Asscat, you had me really laughing at that one. Pie, I love homemade pie. That is cool (a little freaky) that you and your mom were on the same wavelength there. I like Rice Krispies, but given what you've just been through, the bran is probably a very good idea for you. And who could resist the raisins. Oh, no, what's up with your hair? I hope it's just your post-chemo hair getting out of the way for your new, gorgeous hair.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm . . . PIE. Yum! And cereal . . . love that too. Except chocolate cereal--gross.

The hair thing's weird, isn't it? I don't remember mine falling out, but the weird texture thing? Totally. It was almost like animal hair--thicker in some places and thinner in some places--on the same strand!

Anonymous said...

How did I get to be Anonymous? Can I blame Blogger for that too? It does appear to be having an aftershock--it won't let me put my name in.


mrtl said...

mmmmm... pie.

Hope there wasn't too much mass destruction by asscat.

Von Krankipantzen said...

spoonie-does Oscar pull that shit too? VERY bad cat.

squirl-mmmmm, Rice Krispies. I used to love those. Must...try..again....soon...

sharkey-I thought that was you. That is EXACTLY how my hair is. All wonky along the strand. Really weird. And chocolate cereal. I have never tried it but I looove chocolate. Must try.

mrtl-I think that you and Bug seem to have a pie connection. And Asscat caused no permanent damage although I nearly permanently damaged her.

eclectic said...

Raisin Bran... mmmmmm... but only Kelloggs...I don't like Post. *sheesh* I never think of myself as high-maintenance... but on the all-critical raisin bran issue: I'm high-maintenance! I also really like meusli, but I have to be in the right mood for it. But I'd rather eat pie than either of the cereals.

ScottyGee said...

I have a Cranberry Almond Crunch addiction. You know what is better than old Raisin Bran? Raisin Bran Crunch. Go get yourself some of that, Krank. Seriously...vw

whfropera said...

ok, apparently there was a cat conference about bug demolition somewhere that we don't know about - Linus went after a bee on Sunday and got stung on his little chin. I really wished I had a CatCam setup - I come home to a screwed-up house and a cat with a welt/blood on his chin.
Re: pie. This time of year my mpm and dad's hybrid crabapple tree has one mutant branch that grows the BEST apples for pies. I try to bake one every year.
Cereal - not really a cold cereal eater - although I tend to like it dry out of the box as a snack.

east village idiot said...

Kranki - I love to hear that you and your mom are on the same vibe. What a great connection. Please have some ice cream with your pie. Do you still make jewelry?

kalki said...

That apple pie story is great. I heart your mom.

Anonymous said...

Raisin Bran Crunch, try that.

happyandblue2 said...

You really should try Raisin Bran Crunch. I have heard the regular Raisin Bran cereal causes wierd hair loss..

snaps79 said...

My cats have done this same bullshit twice this week already. Picture frames and candles have gone flying off of walls and my piano. I'm pretty sure Ezzy broke a little lamp of mine, too. Is it fucking moth season, or what??

I want some of that apple pie. My mommy comes to town next weekend. I think I better put her to work. Ha!

Nessa said...

I'll go back and read more, but I'm still laughing at grand mal hissy - indeed it was!!

Udge said...

Raisin bran is very good, but I can't get it here (Germany). I alternate between Kellogg's "Toppas", Nestle "Nut Crunch", and a german-brand fruit-and-nuts grain cereal.

SassyFemme said...

Three hours? Yoshi, a cat with a 'tude! Hey, thought of your Yoshi today. Picked up a lost dog this morning, had a tag on, his name was Yoshi.

Don't you love mother mind-melds? My mom and I used to do that, too.

As for raisin bran... the taste buds love it, but the stomach doesn't. I miss it.

LeaLea said...

I am a cerealaholic..
I eat cereal for breakfast--love Heart to Heart or Shredded wheat with cut up banana..but night time i have 'sweet cereal' for a snack..Lucky Charms, Fruit loops, or Captain Crunch will do. Weird huh?

mrtl said...

Do I have the wrong email for you, too? Now I'm starting to worry that the mail gods are against us. (Your package was returned to me, in case you didn't get my email.)

I need to confirm your mailing address, but I think it's too late for the fudge this go round. sorry :(

Amanda B. said...

I got a very sweet letter from you today. Thankyou honeybunny! :D

Von Krankipantzen said...

eclectic-don't worry, it is Kellogs. Now we should develop a pie kind of cereal. I would eat that cereal.

scott master man-I have seen ads for CRUNCH and it is on my grocery list. Cannot wait to try it. It is the little things with me, can you tell?

whfropera-hugs to Linus. Poor Monkey! I found the moth this morning. It is no more... And are you saying there is one branch on the tree that grows regular apples? That is weird. And yummy.

easty-I did have ice cream with it. Yum! And I don't make jewellery any more becuase I don't have a studio. I wish I did as I really miss it.

kalki-it was really spooky. And yummy. I heart my mom too.

anon-I am TOTALLY going to try The Crunch.

happy and blue-well that explains EVERYTHING! Must get The Crunch now!

hdl-Yummy! Fresh baked apple pie in your new oven. Makes moving almost tolerable.

silly n-it was cheesing me off big time. Damned Blogger. Fortunately I had pie and raisin bran to tie me over.

udge-I am fascinated. What is Toppas?

sassy-yes three whole hours. She was POSSESSED!

lealea-I have never been a cereal fan but I can see it going that way. I was on a shredded wheat binge a few months ago. I may have to get some frosted flakes for evening.

mrtl-I know you got my email now. Geez! What a pair.

miss amanda-I only wish I could do more. You certainly deserve more.

Udge said...

I'll mail you a photo of the Toppas box, they probably exist in Canada under another name.