Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Phonus Interruptus

My mom and I talk on the phone quite often. It has gotten to the point where we can say bizarre things to each other without really noticing. Who really knows if it is denial or total acceptance. If you were eavesdropping on our phone conversation yesterday this is what you would have heard:

Mom- (interrupting me in mid sentence) Can you hold on? I have to take my pants off.


Apparently she was hot.


Kassi said...

nothing better than talking on the phone in the nude. Especially when the person on the other line doesn't even know.

Magical_M said...

its when you hear the toilet flushing in the background that you know your mum is just waaaay too comfortable when chatting to you on the phone.

wrong. so wrong.

ScottyGee said...

That bathroom echo always gives it away. I hate when I talk with guy friends and you can hear them draining. I don't need to hear that! Nude talking ain't bad though. If I am in bed, then I am naked. So call me after bed time and I am guaranteed to ahve no clothes on

fueltank said...

Was hot? She IS hot! The Podcast!

Ern said...

Does fueltank know your mother? lol

That's a comfortable relationship!

Sharkey said...

I'm sure Mom-Poo will be glad you recounted this conversation for everyone on the internet. :)

Have a good weekend!

Von Krankipantzen said...

kassi-my mom wants everybody to know she wasn't nude. Just pantless.

magical m-mom and I know what lines not to cross and that one has never has never been crossed. Ew!

scotty-so is that when EVERYBODY calls you? Just becuase of the nudity?

fuel-yeah, my mom is pretty hot.

ern-Yes, I believe fuel has met The Mom. She is a little blonde bombshell, that one.

sharkey-yep, mom poo is pretty pissed. But that is what blogging is all about. AND SHE WAS NOT NAKED, PEOPLE!

Hänni said...

yeah I think your ma's hot too

ScottyGee said...

Kranki's mom is totally hot. She does this trick... well, I can't say any more than that. Hehehee.

Sorry Kranki and Kranki's Mom. I tried to be good.

Call me after 12AM Eastern!

Squirl said...

I think it's a good thing when you can be that comfortable with a family member. :-)

Hänni said...

Forget about Kranki Ma. I'm not wearing pants right now!

JessicaRabbit said...

Wait, people have calls on the phone where they are dressed?

I only talk on the phone from the bubble bath, what the hell??

fueltank said...

You believe fuel has met your moms...

Fans, let me tell you about kranks parents... they are a way stylin' pair who are very cool and have serious hip cred.

Mom is quite beautiful and funny and Dad is mostly dashing and witty... worth the trip to Vancouver, should you be going that way. Both great and kind people who love our Krank (duh!) and are very special in that theydontseemlikeparents kind of way...

Krank, next time we'll have a fondue party! It'll be good.

Radio Clash Mash Up The Podcast

...yes, I have been listening to the outside world for a while. Who knew?

east village idiot said...

You deserve a great mom...and sounds like you've got one.

snaps79 said...

Sounds like me and my mom. Sheesh!

Vanessa said...

I love this post. You've got a great mom. (I'm linking your leather-pants-eBay-post to my site.)

Von Krankipantzen said...

hanni-she IS very HOTT!

scotty-you couldn't handle my mom!

squirl-sometimes I think we can be a little too comfy if you know what I mean?

hanni-snort! LOL

jessicarabbit-yes, repressed Canaduans usually phone while fully dressed. In our igloos.

fuel-I had forgetten we all helped you move. Yep, my folks are pretty hep.

easty-I am so lucky. We get along great.

hdl-I did think of that when I posted this. I thought it was something your mom would do.

vanessa-link away. That ebay thing is priceless.