Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Giftie Follies

Ok, I can talk the talk but obviously I cannot walk the walk. Yesterday I posted gagging noises over the recent Christmas commercial I saw on TV. Well, I can only say that it must have worked on some subliminal level as I spent a good portion of my day purchasing Christmas gifts online. My defence is that I don’t think it really counts as Christmas shopping as it was done in the comfort of my own home while wearing pyjamas with a cup of tea nearby and a cat on my lap. True holiday shopping must involve crowds, line-ups and hysteria. All was lacking today.

I would love to tell you about all the cool shit I found via my computer but my family does read this blog. Christmas gifts are some of the few mysteries left in life and I don’t want to deny ‘the wonder’ to my kin. Let’s just say that my reputation as eerie-mind-reading-gift-giver will remain unchallenged this year.

I love giving presents and will spend hours researching and hunting down The Perfect Giftie for that special someone. I have the uncanny ability to recall that fifteen years ago Aunt Mildred mumbled under her breath to the dog that she was thinking about possibly getting that Hummel figurine of a boy in lederhosen. Not only will I locate the right one but I will find a signed copy and a record of its entire provenance. Yet, if I am introduced to you in any social situation I will immediately forget your name and the name of your spouse.

So I am curious. What would you say was the most perfect gift you ever gave and/or received and why?


spoonleg said...

Ohhh, I love christmas shopping! I can't wait. I am obsessed with finding the perfect gift. Sometimes I hit, sometimes I miss. I've gotta get started!

Amanda B. said...

I love Christmas shopping too, but I always wait until the last darn minute. Every year. It's insane.

ScottyGee said...

I am a horrible shopper. Everyone in my family has everything they could ever need, so it is tough to find anything. It stresses me a little. I am better with girlfriends than I am with family. I go all out.

Best gift I ever gave was a complete room decoration while my girlfriend was at work. Brought in tons of furniture that was bought naked and I stained and painted, etc. It was cool.

Twisteduterus said...

I love Christmas shopping and finding the perfect much fun. Every year I make a home made gift for everyone.Plus baking cookies, especially finger cookies-

Perfect gift given- the family calendar my sister and I make.

Perfect gift received- a chunk of my vet school loans payed off.

john boy said...

Online Christmas shopping is the best. I've been doing it for years. I can't imagine going into a mall during December again!

Candace said...

Perfect gift received: my digital camera.

Perfect gift given: the dollhouse for Sophie when she was four.

Susie said...

I love to really listen to people all year, then surprise them with a perfect gift, like you do. The favorite gift I ever received was a year's "subscription" to fresh flowers delivered every week by the local florist, from Jif. I love LOVE to get flowers, and he rarely thinks of sending them spontaneously. But that one year, all by himself, he thought to arrange weekly delivery, and I loved that. Last year we gave my MIL a turntable (record player), and she has had a great time playing all her very old albums. She really uses the thing a lot.

Nessa said...

I suck at the perfect gift - everytime I think I've hit - I brother's good at it though - I collect these little shoes and one time my brother found a firefighter boot and I actually started crying!

I LOVE online shopping - it's the only way to go!

eclectic said...

Just before our daughter turned 1 (her birthday is in January), Mr. E secretly arranged a professional portrait session and presented me with a stunning black and white portrait of himself with the baby for Christmas. Best. Gift. Ever.

LadyBug said...

That is so awesome, that you work so hard to pick the perfect gift. Just another sign of what a sweet soul you are.

Dima said...

I really suck at getting perfect gifts, only because I hate shopping.

But one year, I found on ebay an old record, which was the only one my cousin was missing from some set of records, and she could never find it. So I was going to give it to her, especially that she was going to move to Cali after her wedding a few months later. Well, the ebay seller turned out to be a thief, so I never got the record, AND my cousin's fiance broke off the engagement, so she's still here and still no record. But that was going to be perfect.

Sharkey said...

I love the feeling of getting my shopping done early, but I almost never have that feeling.

Best gift I ever gave: Two years ago, my mom and I planned a room re-do for my sister's family room. We made roman shades, valances, and pillows, then recruited JP, my step-dad, and my aunt to help. When my sister left for work on the day after Christmas, we got to work. She came home to a painted, fully-decorated room.

Best gift I've ever received? Hmmm . . . going to have to think about that one.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

Best gift I ever received? Ummmmm....I don't know if I can say here, heh heh heh.

But the assless chaps are a close runner-up.

Christie said...

Best gift... well I'm a painter and have never had a real easle. So for my wedding present, hubby bought me the most amazing easle. One I can even take outside and all my supplies fit inside. It's so awesome

Squirl said...

I have gotten some lovely gifts in my life. Right now my digital keyboard and electric guitar from my sweetie come to mind.

I always try to get things that people either want or need. I don't like to just pick something up just for show. Can't really think what the best thing was that I've ever given, though. I guess that would be up to the receiver.

Von Krankipantzen said...

spoonie-if the packages you have sent me are any indication you will ROCK the giftie this year.

amanda b-sometimes waiting until the last minute gives us the most inspiration.

scotty gee-are a a sweet one! What a gift to your GF.!

twisted u-I home make gifts too. Love it. The calendar sounds like such a good idea. And getting loans paid off is the best.

johnboy-I only started online christmas shopping last year. I had multiple heart atttacks as we had a postal strike at that time. Everything arrived in time, though. This year will be better.

misfit-digital camera=perfect bloggers gift. And a dolly house=the perfect childhood memory.

susie-your jif is wonderful. What a great gift for you. Seriously sweet.

sillynessa-I am sure you don't suck. As you well know it IS the thought that counts.

eclectic-a photo of the ones you love is a fantanstic gift. How touching and thoughtful of the hubby.

ladybug-no! You are the sweet one to think that way.

dima-what a shame about the ebay experience. It really sounded like the perfect gift. If you hate shopping then it is hard.

sharkey-that is such an amazing and ambitious gift. The fact that everybody got in on it is the best.

bucky 4 eyes- but you didn't mention the best gift you give. Hmmmm.

i miei-what a thoughtful guy. I bet you think of him everytime you use it.

squirl-I love giving a useful gift if I can. Musical instruments are the perfect gifts for the musically talented. You guys make sweet music together, huh?

east village idiot said...

The most perfect gifts I ever received -
1. When my son Ben popped out of me and into my world.

2. My baby doll Josette from FAO Schwartz. I was a real girly girl.

3. A book of poetry by Robert Frost. I opened it and my husband wrote - to ellen, who always takes time to look on the inside. Halfway through the book, he cut out the center of the pages and placed a box with a diamond band in it. (we didn't have the money for such fancy stuff when we first married....we still don't!).

Kranki - I'm like you. I really love giving a thoughtful gift. It makes people so happy.