Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Poo You

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving. To celebrate the day I decided to have a big ol’ migraine. And then I gave thanks for Tylenol 3’s and my soft bed.

I really wanted to write something poignant about Yoshi for MRTL’S Monday Motif (pet theme this week) but she has given us all a week extension as she didn’t get around to it either. So look forward to that. Or not. I know I gush about that damned cat enough already.

On Saturday night Yoshi alerted me to the fact that the neighbourhood raccoons had come for another visit. My local posse consists of a momma and three babies. I have mentioned before how my back fire escape is the local raccoon loo. Saturday night was no exception and no less than three new poops were waiting for me in the morning.

So here are some very blurry photos of my little buddies taken through the window. I cannot actually open the door for a better shot as they are RIGHT THERE and are just aching to get in to watch my TV and drink my booze.


Adrienne said...

No one can go out the back door of my parents' house without a handful of peanuts, or Chipmunks and Squirrels come right in the door! If you have the peanuts though, they just climb up your pants and get them, forgetting about going inside. What's up with these rodents, thinking they own the place?

mrtl said...

Yuk. Cleaning up kitty poo is bad enough.

Dima said...

My parents have a pigeon with a broken wing living in their backyeard. It hasn't flown in four weeks, and my mom is getting her nice and fat. She does actually walk over to the dirt when she needs to poop. Pigeons apparently are less evil than these rodents!

spoonleg said...

DRINK YOU BOOZE? Those scheming raccoon bastards. Sick yoshi on 'em!

Magical_M said...

our equivalent is the possum.

they get into the ceiling and scratch about in the middle of the night, which freaks me out no end.

i'd rather they drink my booze.

Kassi said...

I love the explanations on your photos. I needed that this morning. Otherwise you lose the whole "poop" thing.

Amanda B. said...

Awww. I love the raccoons. :D

JessicaRabbit said...

Babies!!!! You got all the good neighbors!

Nessa said...

ewwwww - but yay for tylenol 3!

Squirl said...

Maybe if you leave the booze out for them they'll fall off the fire escape before they can poop again.

Ern said...

Ew! Poo! Good entertainment for those of us who don't have to clean it up, though.

eclectic said...

My parents used to have raccoons climbing their deck and down spouts to get to the hummingbird feeders hanging from the rain gutter. Dad stayed up one night to catch it on film. Pretty remarkable, if annoying....


Sounds like 'pet steve-sey' -- maybe that's one of the raccoons' names?

Vanessa said...

Yeah, you have to watch those racoons. They are sneaky and will steal will clothes out of the laundry room! At least that's what one of my college roommates once told me when I asked her where my favorite jeans were.

happyandblue2 said...

A little known fact about racoons is that they will clean up after themselves if you leave out plastic bags and rubber gloves.
A roll of toilet paper would also help..

Von Krankipantzen said...

adrienne-I must blog about my squirrel buddies too. I love the squirrls but I can imagine their attack is not pleasant. Maybe cute but painful.

mrtl-without getting into too much detail I will say I would GLADLY pick up kitty nuggets over raccoon turdlettes any day.

dima-that says a lot when so called "flying rats' are neater and cleaner than raccoons. But that is a sweet story.

spoonleg-I KNOW!! Fuckers...*mumble mumble*

magical M-that would freak me out too. I have seen possums on TV and they look a little freaky.

kassi-when I realised you could actually see the poop in the picutures I knew there had to be captions. Hope I didn't gross you out.

amanda b-I love them too. The little ones, when they were babies, were KEEEELING me with cuteness. If there wasn't a distemper and rabies risk with them I might, you know, "encourage" more visits with treats.

jess r-I love them much more than Creepy Boris.

silly n-everything is cool with Tylenol 3's.

squirl-you know what? You might just have something there. Tequila for the bandits!

ern-is this weird but I am actually a little flattered they poop on my deck.

eclectic-they are quite acrobatic little critters, aren't they? I like that name. Stevesey it is.

vanessa-dammit! Maybe they are reponsible for all my black panties disappearing. And I blamed the building manager.

happy and blue-Hmmmm. I will put out bog roll and baggies tonight. Who knew they were that clever..

kalki said...

Aww, they totally love you!

The <---- POOP notation on those photos is CRACKING ME UP. Thanks - I needed to laugh at some poop this morning.