Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, October 14, 2005

A Sappy Crush Your Cat's Head Friday -Or A Belated Motif Monday From MRTL

In the spirit of the film ‘When Harry Met Sally' I will tell you the many reasons why I love Yoshi.

I love it when she helps me with the laundry.

I love it that she humps up her back like an inchworm when she whines for food.

I love that she can go from insane running around to deepest sleep on my lap in less than one minute. Usually just when I have to get up to pee.

I love that she rests her head on my arm when I am trying to type.

I love that she purrs and talks back when she is getting into trouble.

I love it that she gets my attention at the computer by reaching up her paw so I can kiss it.

I love that under the covers she presses her freezing cold feet against my legs to get them warm again.

I love it when she moans in annoyance when I kiss her when she is sleeping.

I love it that she is able to find the exact centre of the bed to sleep on so I have to find space of my own around her.

I love that she whines at the door when I go to the bathroom.

I love that she loves to be scared. I surprise her whenever I can.

I love that when I hit the snooze button in the morning she will lick my eyelids just to make sure I get up.

I love that I am her most favourite person in the universe and she looks at me with love and trust.

I love it when she waits patiently until I am finished to lick my yogurt bowl.

I love it that she runs meowing to the door when I get home.

I love that she tries to crawl under my shirt when it is chilly out.

I love it when she climbs over my book at night when I am trying to read to get extra lovin’.

I love her velvet paws.

I love that her breath smells like low tide. Ok, I don’t love that at all.

I love it when she runs around the house and her back-end slides out on the hardwood floors.

I love that she totally understands me when I talk to her.

I love it that she has the uncanniest sense of time and will notify me that her 6 pm dinnertime has arrived. Right…on…the…dot!

I love it that she is so cuddly and wants to be near me (better yet, ON me) constantly.

I love it when she escapes into the hallway, meowing with glee, drunk with freedom and then gets so scared she runs back inside again.

I love it when she puts her ears back so her head resembles a wedge.

I love her big nose.

I love that she loves to be squeezed and have her head crushed.

I love it that she loves me to pick the gunk out of her eyes.

I love her pointy little face.

I love that she lets me dress her up in Halloween costumes.

And please go visit Sharkey who had to make the hardest decision about her sick dog Penny today. She and JP need love and hugs.


spoonleg said...

Oh my gosh, this Yoshi tribute brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful companion. And since you know how alarmingly similar our cats are, I was nodding my head in agreement to a lot of those. It reminded me that I took some pics of me crushing Oscar's head the other day. I need to post them. He, unlike Yoshi, was not so fond of the head crushing. That baby pic with the wings is just precious!

I love that Oscar likes to snuggle under the covers, right between my legs. I also love that when he curls into the nook between my shoulder and neck and falls asleep, he butts his head up against my chin and snorts/snores all night long. I love that he lets me bite the soft, velvety spots on the back of his ears (I'm a freak, but I love biting those ears!) and he doesn't even mind. I love that he can do back flips in mid air while I'm swinging his toy around. I love that he'll actually BACK UP two or three feet in order to get a RUNNING START before pouncing on something. I love that he's the smartest cat alive and actually interacts with the TV. I love that he is my watch cat and his ears perk up at any new sound in the apartment, but regular, everyday sounds don't alarm him at all. I love that he obsessively licks behind my ears because he knows that I hate cleaning back there. Cats rule!

Closet Metro said...

I am soooo glad that Dizzle is at her mommy's house for the next week, so I can get over this post and rebuild my strength to say "No, you can not have a kitty."

Tonight, after reading this, I would have said "Yes."

Sharkey said...

I love the Halloween costume pics! They're great. And those pointy ears--no wonder you were a sucker for Penny's too.

I've been wanting to write a post like this about Penny--mostly so I don't forget details like this in the years to come. But I've felt that my blog has become All Penny All the Time lately, so have hesitated.

Thanks for you nice words and for sending the blogger love our way.

Susie said...

I love how much you love your pretty girl. It's ALMOST enough to make a cat person outta me :)

Squirl said...

What a great post. Your love for each other really shows.

What I'm wondering, though, is how Mouse would feel about the costumes. He hates them on dogs. But would he feel like a cat really deserves anything it gets?

Kassi said...

This is very sweet...and has convinced me that my kitten needs a cape.

ScottyGee said...

The costumes rule Kranki. Cats are hit or miss. You either get a complete ass or a lover like Yoshi. Glad you got a good one!

whfropera said...

ok, thats it - we are SO doing a cat costume day at our event next year!!

LeaLea said...

I love her too now!!!!! She is a sweetheart.

JessicaRabbit said...

Oh all the Yoshi goodness!!!! This just makes me want to come to your house, and sit very still and quiet and cover myself in cat nip and toys and treats until she gives in and comes to see me and allows me to worship her in the form of touching her soft fur without killing me. She is so beautiful and smart and funny and lucky to own a person like you.

SoozieQ said...

Your kitty is GORGEOUS and this post was wonderful! I love, love, LOVE the Halloween pics. What a good kitty

Dima said...

your cat is beautiful, and has gorgeous eyes - I love the pic of her face in the lens - too cute - I want a cat too!

eclectic said...

Mmmmmmm..... Yoshi-fest!! A round of catnip for everyone in honor of her supreme feline perfection! It's on me -- I had some left-over from the birthday brownies at Bucky's....

Von Krankipantzen said...

spoonie-Oh OSCAR! Squeeze him! I recommend doing one about Oscar even if you don't post it. You'll keep on thinking of new things. I have added a few since you read this. Yoshi could do several bad things right now but I wouldn't care because of this post. The love is flowing.

closet m-resistance is futile! Get the kittaaay!

sharkey-I highly recommend writing something like this about Penny. It is so touching and feels so good. We, your readers, never get enough of Penny.

susie-but you can do this with your pooch as well. Aren't our furry friends the best?

squirl-I am sure Mouse rocks the cat costumes. And is secretly envious of cats' confidence to pull them off.

kassi-I am totally supportive of clothing your cat.

scottygee-I totally lucked out. Some cats are not as sweet but you have to love them just the same. They are just doing their best. Being a cat is complicated.

whfropera-Cat costumes rule! I am all for a celebration.

lealea-you probably wouldn't love her in person. She can be a real ratbag to strangers. But she is good to me and that is what counts.

jessica r-you might just pull it off. Treats are always helpful. If I was her I would be charmed silly.

soozieq-she is sooo good to allow me the pleasure of dressing her up.

dima-her blue eyes get me in the gut every time. I highly recommend getting a cat. Highly!

eclectic-you are very generous to share the catnip. Paaartaaay!

mrtl said...

Wonderful post!

kalki said...

Awww, I love you and Yoshi. What a team.

Amanda B said...

Yoshi is a beautiful girl. I wuv her. :D

john boy said...

If you hadn't put pictures of your cat, I would have thought you were talking about a significant other (ie. person you are in a relationship with) for most of these ;) Hope you two have many more happy years together.

Udge said...

Very nice post, cat love rules! This must have been a lot of fun to write.

east village idiot said...

Kranki - that is one lucky cat. what loving words. I'm so glad you have each other.

SassyFemme said...

I just totally loved everything you wrote. You have got such a cool cat!

Vanessa said...

I can NOT believe she allows you to dress her up. My cat hated that. (I loved it, though, and especially loved putting a white cotton glove on her head and calling her a silly wabbit.)

Margie said...

Just wanted to say what a wonderful writer you are and how much I enjoy reading your posts. We have always had animals on the ranch, but they are the outside kind. Comforting, but not the cuddling kind. I am so glad Johnny introduced me to the world of bloggers. You guys all rock! (John Boys Mom here)

Von Krankipantzen said...

mrtl-well I can gush on, can't I? was it too much?

kalki-not entirely unlike Batman and Robin.

amanda b- I wuv your squirrels too. I want one! Or two!

johnboy-I have to admit since I am am totally single Yoshi IS my significant other.

udge-the cat can do no wrong right now. It is too easy to gush about her.

easty-I like to think I am the lucky one!

sassy-Yoshi is the best. Or beast.

vanessa-my old cat hated it. Yoshi just loves attention - good or bad.

margie-hey! Thanks so much. So cool that Johnboy turned you on to blogging. Thanks so much for stopping by, too.

Cindy said...

Cats are wonderful!

Your Yoshi sounds like such a good kitty and the love gushing forth is an inspiration. I love the love! :-)

I have two kitties myself - and I love them more than I thought I could say. Your post might get me to write more of the good. Thanks. :-)