Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The End is Near!

Day 2 at home.

I had great sleep last night. I figured out that I can lay on my side if I hug a pillow. It supports my booby just fine. Unfortunately it also grossly interferes with Yoshi's access under the covers or her claiming her usual spot under my arm. This makes for very grumpy cat. So while I did have a great night's sleep my very early morning was heavily interrupted by much whining and moaning. Such snivelling! My mom stayed over and I was afraid she might be woken up by all the horrible noises. Here is some things I whisper-yelled at Yoshi to get her to SHUT UP!

-I am going to kill you, you little SHIT!
-What is the MATTER with you?
-Come here, RIGHT NOW!
-How can you be so cute and such an ASSHOLE!?!
-Don't make me beat you! I am not kidding!
-You are NOT protected by social services!
-Are you KIDDING ME?
-You know what? FUCK OFF!
-Yoshi, you are working on MY LAST NERVE!

Complete failure. No amount of hissing"Cozy and Toasty" at Yoshi, the usual command for settling down to sleep, would get her to shut her yap. And that makes for a very schleeeepy me.

I am feeling ok but still very tired and quite queasy. For those who know me I am the Quease-inator. I get nauseous a lot. After general anesthetic.....yuck. You have no idea. My mom has been trying to entice me with food hoping that I may eat a favourite meal. NOTHING could tempt me right now. As she lovingly describes every dish I usually crave it is all I can do to blink back the urge to HARF ALL OVER HER! Stop describing food to me! Or making me talk, think or listen when I am feeling so hurly. As a matter of fact, I have a GIANT Toblerone bar that remains fully wrapped and uneaten after 48 hours! The alarming concept that I have not eaten this treat is not only proof that I am not hungry but may be an actual sign of The Apocalypse! If this doesn't convey the magnitude of my queasiness, nothing will.

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