Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, May 13, 2005

#2 Chemofication - Day One

Just got back from Chemofication Part 2. Had raging panic attacks in the waiting room but my blood counts were up and I was ready to rumble. They used the portacath, which was very easy to use, and I can hear my veins thanking me already. Peep…peeep…See that is them honouring my concern over their wellbeing.

Must keep this short, as I am feeling pretty out of it. Ativan is my friend. It went ok today. I had to wait longer in the waiting room which got me all twitchy and then I started out alone in the chemo room but about 30 minutes into my treatment we got company-2 chatty ladies. So I was a little more anxious then but did ok. I am still here typing so obviously nothing bad happened. Just brain antics. Freaky deaky mind farts. The usual.

The Mom Poo will be returning later bearing pillows and gifts of nutritious food. Have even eaten a few crackers hoping if I keep my tum full it will feel better after opposed to the empty, cracked douche bag it became last time with me eating nothing for 6 days.

OK! Nothing is making much sense. My tortoise like reaction to everything around me is thwarting any attempt at cleverness. I should lie down and stay down.

I am fine, I am 1/3 of the way through my appointments, and I have a very concerned cat that is watching me like a hawk. Time for bed.

Will post more when I can. Thanks for all the positive vibes and well wishes.


Susie said...

You make perfect sense and you're naturally clever, you need make no special effort. Shit. I thought you had gotten it over with in the A.M. and it was a breeze. Well, I'm glad it's 1/3 over. Hurray for mom-poo. Hurray for you. Rest and revive and keep feeling all of our love, you know it's coming at you:)

spoonleg said...


Chemo round two: accomplished! Now hopefully you can get through these next few days with mom poo and yoshi by your side without any problems whatsoever.

Sorry to hear of your anxiety this time around. I thought that perhaps your little overactive mind would calm itself this time around, knowing that the first time wasn't so bad, after all. But then again, what do I know. The only anxiety I ever really experience is from the fear of the unkown, so that's sort of what I relate to. I hope they gave you enough of those good meds to keep you from transitioning into full freak-out mode. Some anxiety is like, completely 100% NORMAL. Meds are great at keeping that healthy amount of anxiety from spiraling out of control.

Good luck with these next few days, I hope that you're able to continue eating, etc. Keep your mind set on the POSITIVE, I swear, your physical health responds to that.

Von Krankipantzen said...

I am trying an experiment by eating right away once I get home so tummy things don't get out of control. I have eaten 4 crackers and a piece of buttered toast. And lot of water. I will see if food on the tum makes it feel better if I cram it in right away. Results soon.

Boss of All Tummy Stuff said...

Confidential to the food in kranki's tummy:
Settle down! Do the right thing. Move along in the right direction at an appropriate rate of speed. Don't make me come in there.
That is all.

L.Bo said...

Hey sweetie! I hope the food in the tummy works. We'll be watching to see how it goes.

One of my volunteers who doesn't know you, but knows I love you, sends you her best wishes and great cosmic vibes. And believe me, this woman can wield the vibes!

Sir Thomas says thanks for sharing. It is always a good thing to have a Knight indebted!

Dang Cold.. said...

Yes crackers, toast and water sounds like a good start IMO. Probably a good idea to stay away from the stuff thats got a little more attitude and moxy. Mexican? Indian? Thai? Szechuan? Malaysian? Thats all food with moxy.

"and I fell into to a burning ring of fire.." Okay I'll shut up now.

Sleep well girlie.


Candace said...

Big, gentle ((hugs)).

Sharkey said...

Okay, dc's list of foods is grossing me out, and I wasn't the one doing chemo!

Two down--here's hoping this round goes better than the last one. Sleep well!

mrtl said...

Hey beautiful Kranki! Rock on with your 1/3 down self.

Rest up and get in plenty of Yoshi cuddles.