Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Chemofication - No Problemo

Day 3 of 2nd Chemofication

Hey, it ain’t that bad this time. I ate some grapes and then some broth and crackers today and while it is not going down smoothly it sure isn’t rebelling much. Oh JOY! Oh BLISS!

I am not getting a lot of the weirder side effects yet and I hope they never come. No weird smells and bad tastes. I snoozed for most of the day or read my smutty library books. I don’t feel as gross or out of it like last time.

I am so excited that this might actually get better and better. I can actually see a future where after chemo I might not have any side effects at all. Now that would be a treat.

The only down side is that I didn’t win the $25 million lottery last Friday. Dammit!


mrtl said...

This is awesome news, Kranki. You're totally onto me with Du Jour. I saw it as a good sign for Round 2 when you said you'd come for pie.

whfropera said...

re: lottery - i say that every damn friday.
so are we supposed to bake and send you pie? I could do that.

Susie said...

Oh, that is some good news. Except about the lottery, I mean. What smutty books are you reading? I'm not reading anything for pleasure right now, I could use some good recommendations.

Candace said...

DAM! You totally deserve that $25 mil. You want me to go break the winner's face? I'd do that for you, you know.

I keep trying to think of foods that might go down a little easier. I'll let you know if I come up with something.

If you get "chemofication", does that make you "chemofied"?

L.Bo said...

This is the sound of a big sigh of relief, and me doing "The Dance of Joy". So, so, so happy things are better! Would have been incredible with a cool $25 mil to go along with it, but hey you can't have everything all at once. Will sleep a little easier tonight.

Sharkey said...

Hooray! So glad this one's going better for you. And you know what they say--third time's the charm!

snaps79 said...

Are you dropping a lot of weight, thanks to your new diet? Do you pig out on the days where you have your appetite back? Glad to hear you're doing better this time around. Hopefully next time is even EASIER than this time.

john boy said...

I happened upon your blag a few days before you started your treatment. There are people in my life going through some similar experiences. You have been an inspiration. I'm glad you had a better day today.

Maybe next Friday you'll win. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)

Precisiongirl said...

Glad to hear you're on the up and up..

Stuff the lottery. The last person in the UK who went public with their lottery win has recently graced the pages of the tabloid newspapers. She is a chav girl professing that she is about to get 2 boob jobs... classy.


Von Krankipantzen said...

mrtl-yeah, pie appeals to me right now. Apple in particular. Whether it would go down and stay down OK is another matter. But actually feeling hungry is a plus. Still working on a lot of grapes.

whfr-I would so go for a pie exchange (I LOVE apple pie) but sending food over the border is a risky business. If anybody felt compelled to bake they could always donate it do a local soup kitchen or something like that. Or eat it all by yourself in my honour. SERIOUS YUM! And yes, DAMNED lottery!

Susie-I have myself CONVINCED that I am going to win the lottery every week and am genuinely surprised when I don't. I thought it being a chemo day as well as Friday the 13th would shoo me in, for sure. Nope. Dammit! I am just starting 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time' by Mark Haddon. Also some very easy reading crime dramas by Stuart Woods. So easy to read when you are dropping off to sleep constantly. Don't loose my place too easily. I hesitate to even tell you this author as he is maybe too easy-reading for somebody of your brain power. Good for the bathtub with a glass of wine.

misfit-Indeed, once I have gone through chemofication I am now chemofied. And believe it or not some lucky bum in Ontario got the full $25 million. NOT FAIR! I hope they donate a lot.

LBo-wouldn't $25 million scooties been the icing on the cake of a terrible day? Oh yeah! Actually, I am just happy that I am feeling better. I would have felt WAAAAY better with some cash though.

Sharkey-I was thinking the same thing. If it is this much better again next chemo then I will be laughing. Easy stuff. Fingers crossed.

HDL-I lost about 2.5 lbs during the lasat chemo but really made up for lost time once my appetite came back. My neighbour brought me tonnes of chocolate from her euro trip last time so maybe I will loose more without that stuff lurking around. Saying that, they sure don't like you to loose weight during chemo. They get mad. And believe it or not chemo can actually make you gain weight with fluid retention etc. There is no justicce in the world.

John Boy-thanks for popping by. I am sorry you have some people around you going through similar things. That sucks. All I can suggest is to keep your spirits up and surround yourself and your loved ones with great people. A sense of humour helps too. I had no idea when I started this Blog I would get so much internet lovin'. You guys are an inspiration to me.

Tabularasa-Let me just say that 2 boob jobs would not be my first order of the day with a lottery win. Eventually it will have to happen after my final surgery but that is purly for health reasons. The first thing I would do is pay off debts then get a good home and then give a bunch away to friends and family. Cosmetic surgery would be waaaay down on my list of priorities. Spa days would be good though.

mrtl said...

Kranki - If you need a laugh, check out Carl Hiaasen. He's easy reading, too. (Woods has been spitting them out too fast these days; quality has definitely declined.)