Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mini Update

Feeling much better today. I did the complete opposite as last chemo and took my mega anti nausea meds for too short of a time. So I went back on them and am feeling waaay better. I had a chocolate milkshake yesterday in honour of Sharkey who swore by them through her chemo. I am even on my way to being a juice mistress as I was talking to my neighbour and she had a juicer she never used. Hello! Pass that puppy on to me. I just need some fruit and veggies to put in the fricking thing. The sun is shining and I still have hair. I must have had a lot to begin with as it is still falling out like crazy. I have some bald patches where it rubs against the pillow. Kinda like a baby. I think I had a bit of weird growth of hair in the early stages of chemo as I am finding odd textured hair mixed in with the regular stuff. I know many people come out of chemo with completely different hair. I hope I don’t end up with a pube head. That would be very disappointing if not down right scary. Keep your fingers crossed.


Sharkey said...

Hooray for milkshakes! So glad to hear you're feeling better.

"The sun is still shining and I still have hair." You definitely haven't lost your ability to stay positive. Keep it up!

Candace said...

I'm crossing them as I type. It's not easy.

Courtney said...

You definitely haven't lost your ability to stay positive.

Although I'm new to your blog, I agree!

You also still seem to have some sense of humour lingering there!
Pube Head? Too funny!

Dang Cold.. said...

Pube hair? You mean like Mr. Kotter on "Welcome back Kotter"?. Perish that thought girl. It'll grow back like a flowing, silken river. Why? Because I say so.

"yeah we tease him alot 'cause we got him on the spot. Welcome back"

oh sorry...


Susie said...

Sharkey said exactly what I wanted to say. She must be so brilliant, clever, etc.

I have a little spot on my head, in the back, out of which grows, as you say, pube hair. I refer to it as my African American spot. Just a little nappy there. The rest is straight as a stick. This sounds tremendously attractive, doesn't it? It's not noticeable, I mean it's not like there's a little Afro growing out a 1-inch spot on the back of my head . . .

Von Krankipantzen said...

Sharkey-that milkshake was so good. My mom was over and she even had one too and she is not a milkshake kinda gal. The sun had come out after a week of rain and it was just perfect.

Misfit-thank you very much. I need all the help I can get.

Requiscat-I won't be laughing if I have pube head. Sense of humour-no way. This is serious!

Dang-that is exactly what I mean. It will be tragic. I am so glad you say so or I woudl be so screwed. Thanks!

Susie-I can handle a little spot. Hell, I have bald spots now and I am doing ok. The whole head will overwhelm me. Although a fro like that would look great with a little glitter. Home Detention Lady wants me to get an afro wig. Maybe nature will step in. Won't she be happy? It is getting hot in the kitchen!

Courtney said...

I certainly didn't mean it's a funny thing, sorry.

Von Krankipantzen said...

requiscat-OH NO! I meant that as a joke. No apology needed! Oh man! I didn't mean to come off so serious. Although I have to admit I really don't want a pube head. I need to use more of these-;-)