Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pre Chemofication

Today is the day before my second chemo appointment. I am taking it easy and really enjoying feeling good today. I am eating up a storm just in case I feel terrible again for a few days.

Yesterday found me at the Cancer Clinic again for a doctor’s appointment and blood work. I got some very good news. My bone scan came out clean so no metastasis which is a big relief. The tech told me it was a clean scan but part of me didn’t believe her as I had been told the same thing by the ultrasound radiologist and we all know what happened there. I got some potentially minor bad news. My blood counts were low and if they don’t come up by tomorrow my chemo must be postponed until they are at a good level. Some people might consider this a welcome respite but I just want it over with. After tomorrow I will be 1/3 of the way through my treatments and the chemo after that will put me at the halfway mark. After that I am over half way and almost finished. I also know that I should be taking this one day at a time. But a girl can dream, right? When I break it down like that it seems more manageable opposed to something I will be doing until August. That seems very far away. Hell, summer will be almost over!

Tabularasa posted a pic of her with super short hair so I have decided to post one of myself too. She took the first risk. Thanks! I probably could have showered and put on some make-up but I am very tired today and my blood count is low DAMMIT! (I’m sure chocolate will help) and I think you should see me, pasty skin and all. This is what I look like. Frankly, I am happy I still have hair.

So tomorrow is chemo and I am nervous about it as I know I will be feeling crappy soon. But then I might not. Got some different nausea meds so that will help me out. Did laundry yesterday so I am set with that. I have a game plan for eating through this and have got that figured out too. I think part of why I felt so bad last time is that all these sensations were weird and new. I know what to expect now. I also have a big shwack of Ativan. Oh YEAH! Whatever it takes to get through the day…


L.Bo said...

So today is a gift. I am so glad you are feeling well and eating. I know, I know you already have a mother, and she does a great job! Still I worry about you not eating.

With industrial strength Ativan and new nausea meds, this go round should be a lot easier. We will be sending every molecule of positive energy we can scrape up, except for the bit I sent to Sir Thomas to help with his court case this morning. I didn't think you would mind sharing, as he has been totally screwed by his slum landlord. Should have replenished by now anyway.


L.Bo said...

Oh ya, make sure to blog again as soon as your back from the hospital. You're hillarious when you're,um,enjoying the side effects of the Ativan.

Big Heavy said...

buena suerte!! much love and good thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

You look marvelous, darling. Your face stands on its own, long luxurious locks or not. I would like to see a little more of a defiant, punk rock expression on your face for the next picture. ~Laura (laura-flea @ diaryland)

Candace said...

Good luck with today's chemo. Almost done...almost done...almost done.

Susie said...

Hurray for clean bones. I have seen you out and about in blogworld, and I'm hoping that's after your tx today, and that means you're doing OK. I'm hoping.

You're adorable with your new 'do. You'll be adorable with no 'do, too.