Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Friday, May 27, 2005

Major Turnaround

Today is a beautiful day. We have just had a bit of really cold and rainy weather and then all of a sudden it is 29 degrees* out. People are walking around in shorts and tank tops. It is amazing. My apartment gets very hot though as it has southern exposure. The poor cat is limp as a dishrag. The good part is that I have a beautiful window box or two to watch flourish in the sunshine. The hot spell is supposed to last over the weekend too so my brother and sister-in-law will have great hiking stories to tell at Sunday Family Dinner Night. More sweat drenched posts in my future. Chemo makes me very intolerant to the sun and heat so I will be hiding inside for the most part. But the sun makes me really happy.

*84.2 F for American Folk


Candace said...

I had to go find out what 29 Celsius was! I forget sometimes that we're backwards, and 29 Farenheit is REALLY cold!

mrtl said...

Like Misfit said, 29 is one degree below freezing. Tanktops? Those Canadians are loonies!

Squirl said...

Good thing you put in that conversion. Those of us in the middle of the North American continent never did get the hang of the metric system. :-)