Life in the Slow Lane

Life in the Slow Lane

Sunday, May 29, 2005


I was sitting at my computer reading blogs when Yoshi wandered out from her condo to get her some Momma Lovin’. I hold onto her head and kiss her right between the eyes. She loves this. I then will gently pick out her eye gunk as I hate this on cats. She loves this too. I know I am lucky. She even sits there and lets me cut her nails. Blessed, I am. Anyway, as I was sitting here kissing my blissed out, purring kitty it struck me how amazing it is that she knows this is an act of love. I know the momma cats wash the kittens and she might be reverting to kittenhood fantasies about being cleaned. I just don’t know for sure. All I know is that I can squish this cat’s head and kiss it for ages and she trusts me implicitly. I could be preparing to eat her for all she knows. I feel so honoured to have her trust as she doesn’t give it out to just anybody. In fact only my parents and I can touch her. She will hiss and bite anybody else. Period. She has always been that way despite all my attempts to socialise her. Those Siamese. She is why I cannot get another cat or a dog. Partly it is because she would kill them. Mostly it is because I fear that adding to the family would change her love for me in some way. I couldn’t bear it. I am SO her bitch.


mrtl said...

Kranki, dear, we knew you were Yoshi's bitch when you posted pictures of her bed.

Dang Cold.. said...

thats cute. my peanut is the affectionate one of my three. the other two are affectionate when they're hungry. we are their bitches indeed.


Sharkey said...

Hey, I do the same things to Penny. The kissing between the eyes and the removal of the eye boogers. But NOT at the same time!

Susie said...

No cats here, but Biscuit is grateful for the removal of eye boogers. Of course, he then tries to eat them, so maybe he's just grateful for a snack.

Yoshi sounds like such a personality. I had a Siamese when I was very young, around 11. She became very jealous of my nephew, my older brother's baby, and would attack him, so we had to give her away. I have heard that that level of jealousy is a Siamese thing, but I don't know if that's true.

whfropera said...

Linus is a pretty good boy about the cleaning thing - he LOVES to get brushed, but is a typical male if you shower him w/too much attention - he backs off. LOL

I took some more pics of him lats night - I will send those later. I'm putting new music on the blog today!!

Squirl said...

Looks like you couldn't have a more beautiful, affectionate master. I love her blue eyes.

JessicaRabbit said...

I am the bitch of all my cats, but two in particular, Bobbles and Roo always get their way with me, they own me and they know it.

Courtney said...

I, too, am my cats' bitch. And I'm proud to say so! :)

Candace said...

I hate it when people say cats can't be affectionate. They just haven't met any GOOD cats. All the cats we've had (nine in our 13 years of togetherness) have been wonderfully affectionate and sweet. And they all come when they're called.

LadyBug said...

What a sweet post about your beautiful kitty cat. And no, you're not her bitch. You're her MOMMY.

Von Krankipantzen said...

mrtl-I guess that might have been bit of a tip off.

Dang-Peanut-what a cute name! Sounds like you two have a special bond.

Sharkey-I guess I maybe should have made that distinction too. I also DO NOT do it at the same time. Yoshi says Hi to Penny!

Susie-Yes, some siamese can be very jealous. My cousin, Lbo has a siamese, Satu, who loves everybody. Yoshi gets a little jealous but not too bad. They can be very wacky. Biscuit EATS his eye boogers? Yoshi hasn't tried that yet. That is a little gross, though. I still think Biscuit is the silkiest doggy in the world.

whfropera-Linus-so cute. Typical male indeed. I am looking forward to more photos of the sweety.

squirl-I call them her Elizabeth Taylor eyes. theya re actually quite violet. I am so lucky she loves me back.

jessicarabbit-I know you have A LOT of cats to I am relieved you are only owned by 2 of them.

requiscat-how many do you have? Hopefully they don't run you ragged.

misfit-I don't get that either. I have only had 2 cats but I have had room-mates with cats and they were all affectionate in their own ways. Yoshi is way off the charts on the Affect-O-Meter. Somtimes she snooches me awake in the middle of the night.

ladybug-I guess I am. I don't have kids so she is my maternal outlet. I love this cat like crazy. I can't imagine loving a child more.